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  • He is shrewd and strong and not to be caught napping.
  • The old man had been a shrewd negotiator.
  • He is a shrewd lad, at all events.
  • She was evidently a rather shrewd and superior person.
  • A look of keen pleasure came into his shrewd face.
  • Too shrewd, my niece, too shrewd by half.
  • He looked on, grinning like a shrewd little ape.
  • I never saw a more shrewd rogue than Phormio.
  • M'Pherson's shrewd kindly eyes dwelt on him for a moment.
  • A shrewd suspicion overcame me that this trap had been purposely laid for me.
  • He was known as a shrewd observer and a keen judge of character.
  • The night was shrewd and windy, and the chamber none of the warmest.
  • Their eyes would glint with a shrewd light and their faces harden into ice.
  • The shrewd old woman saw though all that with her little beady black eyes.
  • He knew her for a clever woman, a shrewd woman, even a daring woman.
  • Joseph Brant was far too shrewd to walk headlong into such an open snare.
  • He gave Keith a shrewd glance which, however, that young man did not see.
  • You must have been inform'd: Or whence this shrewd suspicion?
  • And inattentive Anastacio had a shrewd surmise at Pringle's design.
  • Business, though, now," and Peter tried to look shrewd and important.

How To Use Shrewd In A Sentence?

  • A nobility of soldiers cannot keep down a commonalty of shrewd scientific persons.
  • She was surprised to see that the habitual shrewd look had gone out of his eyes.
  • But he was certainly deep in her confidence even then, and shrewd enough to take advantage of it.
  • Dave was shrewd enough to discover this, and politic enough to take quick advantage of it.
  • Every spirit makes its house; and we can give a shrewd guess from the house to the inhabitant.
  • The shrewd old warrior had chosen the one hiding-place where no searching party would look.
  • Would Denonville, too, blind himself to the truth that shrewd minds may work behind painted faces?
  • The suspicions of Lady Godolphin, more shrewd in this respect than her husband, were aroused.
  • Brand, a shrewd fellow, restrained his reply, that Mr. Perrault knew most about it himself.
  • He wanted this shrewd man's ideas as well as his facts obtained by observation.
  • Had she been a shrewd reader of expression, she could not fail to have noticed the intense relief her words gave him.
  • He was evidently a shrewd fellow, this man who said he was my secretary, and was apparently a very confidential servant.
  • The panther lay quietly at his mistress's feet, his shrewd head resting on his front paws.
  • The man who wears his eye-glasses halfway down his nose is a shrewd man of business, who ever bears in mind that time is money.
  • The excitement had made me return to the manner of Piccadilly, and this shrewd observer had seen it in a moment.
  • More than once in the days long past I had entertained a shrewd suspicion that she herself was the actual murderer of that young unknown man.
  • Also he began to think that Molly was probably right; she was shrewd and experienced, knew more of such matters than he.
  • The one thing about him that suggested the wily sleuth were his eyes, very light colored in his ruddy face, small, shrewd and piercing.
  • Her beauty, her novelty, her shrewd wit and unfailing gaiety had swept through the Colony as a sickle through corn.
  • It is strange that the Irish, who are brimful of shrewd sense, use no more discretion about appointing schoolmasters than dispensary doctors.

Definition of Shrewd

Showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters. | Artful, tricky or cunning. | (informal) Streetwise.
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