Shrieking In A Sentence

How To Use Shrieking In A Sentence?

  • A portly lady was shrieking constantly and waving her arms in a state of terror.
  • But with new troops the effect of a shell shrieking over or past them is often very ludicrous.
  • Hours of crying, shrieking and moaning were followed by its being shut up in a closet.
  • Children shrieking in uncomprehending panic were swept along with the crowd or trodden upon.
  • Into the water they walked or leaped or dived, with much shouting and shrieking over the cold.
  • All the time Dick heard the shells and bullets shrieking and whining over his head.
  • While a vast shrieking world of endless woe Blends its dread chorus with their rapturous hymn?
  • Before them both, Grenadine broke into a shrieking laugh and fell down upon her hands and knees.
  • Caleb never knew just what he had meant to do when he first dragged the boy away from his shrieking rival.
  • The street was now filled with weeping and shrieking women and children and piles of household goods.
  • The shrieking whirl suddenly stopped and there was no more drafty air flowing about them and the lights went out.
  • The little hunted creature, shrieking out there in the wood in the clutch of a predatory enemy was not so lucky.
  • Each time he looked the atom appeared to be shrieking louder, while his mother was shaking harder and longer.
  • As we drove through the streets, the newsboys were shrieking some tidings which we had neither time nor inclination to inquire into at that moment.
  • The fire in its side leap had caught them and they had fled shrieking down the hill, following their instinct to hunt water.
  • A shrieking split, suddenly lifting itself above the general uproar on the river, drew everybody to the bank.
  • Now it descended on the ship like a fierce-scolding virago, then rushed on with wild, shrieking dissonance.
  • They told of the siren, shrieking like a soul in pain, that had roused them from their sleep with its dreadful warning.
  • The more timid boys and those who could not swim at all stood at the edge, thrusting in a foot, and then dancing and shrieking at the cold.
  • His entrance disturbed a vast number of bats, that flew shrieking out of the damp hollows of the rocks and whirled wildly round him.
  • Sometimes it was very narrow, so that they could hardly pass, ... and the geese fled shrieking at their approach.
  • The storm had a revolving tendency; and the wind had now hauled to the south, whence it came shrieking across the lake with unabated fury.
  • The crowd drew back with a howling, shrieking noise, leaving him standing in the center of a circle of dead white faces.
  • A deafening pandemonium of cannonading, with shrieking and bursting shells, filled the air beyond us, towards which we were marching.
  • Akonuk and Matuk were awake and talking excitedly, and through the shrieking of the gale outside came a distinct and unusual sound.
  • Now, in desperation, as he was kicking his feet in the air to avoid their steel like fangs, he drew his bow shrieking across the strings.
  • The Wallachians fell upon their knees in silent awe, while the women who had been standing outside, rushed shrieking down the rocks.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shrieking | Shrieking Sentence

  • The waters are shrieking with joy.
  • The wind was shrieking louder and louder.
  • He raised his voice to a shrieking falsetto.
  • He stilled the shrieking woman by a glance.
  • Extras appeared on the streets with shrieking headlines.
  • It mowed down half a hundred shrieking souls.
  • The woman at his side fled shrieking downstairs.
  • Swan-skin and Orangine escaped, shrieking with terror.
  • With our arrival respectability fled shrieking from the premises.
  • The frenzied overseer leapt shrieking to his feet and lurched into the water.
  • Never had he heard anything like the fearsome, shrieking roar of this wind.
  • Poor Mapana's women were shrieking in her hut.
  • The shrieking of the switch engine was warning No. 44 in time.

Definition of Shrieking

present participle of shriek | A sound that shrieks.
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