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  • There were wailings and shrieks that night.
  • Cockie shrieks as if he had seen a snake.
  • Her shrieks rang loud.
  • Piercing shrieks roused me from my delirium.
  • The shrieks came from the direction of the creek.
  • How it shrieks as it goes down the old well-curb.
  • Alas, the shrieks of Bianca rung for ever in my ear.
  • Conversation meant only a series of shrieks and they gave it up.
  • The mother from her babe looks up, And shrieks away its sleeping.
  • There was a short struggle, with reiterated shrieks of 'help!
  • Sometimes, alone, I've to smother my shrieks when I think of my poor mother.

How To Use Shrieks In A Sentence?

  • The shrieks developed into curses intermingled with more riotous crashing of china.
  • Amid the universal devastation wild shrieks and despairing groans fill the air.
  • Above the roar of the flames we could distinctly hear the shrieks of the murderers shut in there.
  • It was impossible to sleep, from the shrieks of the women whose husbands had fallen.
  • He heard the shrieks and sobs and cries of all the moaning, martyred multitudes.
  • Two shrieks pierced the air simultaneously, as the two trains passed each other.
  • In it handclaps, names of people and shrieks of laughter seemed to be the principal features.
  • Did the shrieks of that old man startle me, worry me, torture me, set my nerves on edge?
  • The shrieks of the women and children were mingled with the voices of the men shouting instructions from the deck to the officer in the boat.
  • The shrieks of the unfortunate occupants filled the air for a single second, then all sank below the cold waves.
  • Kalum defended himself more with shrieks and curses than by the use of his fists, and thus attracted a large crowd before his shop.
  • What were their thoughts, we dare not tell: their shrieks and curses were spent against inpenetrable floors and walls.
  • He was conscious first of a dream in which the sisters experienced some imminent danger; he heard their shrieks piercing the night.
  • Weird shrieks and noises were heard, devils were flying about in the air; the heavens were shrouded in a pall of gloom.
  • There was a banging and scuffling over the floor, muffled shrieks and broken sentences in high voices, choking with laughter.
  • With frantic shrieks she rushed up to the burning buildings, called her children by name, and almost in despair ran into the burning barn.
  • His wife and daughter were clinging to him, and even from where Grace was their shrieks and cries for mercy reached her ears.
  • Then they rushed to the bath, informing their mistress with shrieks and tears that Noureddin had driven them away by force and gone in.
  • The palace of the emperor was still resounding with the shrieks of the Jew, as the news was brought that both dog and horse had been found.
  • At intervals, however, the terrible cry rang out through the gloom, and shrieks and moans were heard loud above the mysterious noises of the night.
  • The comic lady now came on; there were shrieks of laughter at her unnecessary and irrelevant green boots and crinoline and Cockney accent.
  • As sap sleeps in the deodars When winter shrieks and steely stars Blink over frozen snow.
  • And intermittently the air was rent with puffs and snorts and shrieks which drowned the music of that living chorus which has been sung in stables for centuries.
  • The shrieks of the poor woman having summoned the neighbours, he was seized, bound, and led before the Khan, who at once sentenced him to death.
  • The shrieks of the stricken youth, I told DUBSON, still sounded horribly in my ears.
  • She then peremptorily demanded Juliet; who, affrighted, was absconding, till shrieks rather than calls forced her forward.
  • The nearest combatants drew back momentarily at the unfamiliar thunder of the report and fell silent while the groans and shrieks of the wounded rose loud.
  • Instantly, amid shrieks of approval, oars began to strike the water, and the water began to fly over the Wrykyn boats, which were now surrounded.
  • The rest of the gang immediately seized the culprit and carried him to the nearest tree, from whence his shrieks soon testified that his sentence was being put in execution.

Definition of Shrieks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shriek | plural of shriek
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