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  • It was a shrill whisper.
  • Presently there was a shrill yell of triumph.
  • What was that shrill shivering cry?
  • And once more she burst into the shrill sighing sobs.
  • Two shrill whistles split the air.
  • Just then a shrill whistle sounded across the marsh.
  • Suddenly Williams raised a shrill call.
  • And her golden voice Got shrill as he grew deafer.
  • Parlay's shrill cackle rose higher.
  • The sharp, shrill scream of a single name rose above the tumult.
  • The shrill shout died away upon the air and left profound stillness behind it.
  • It was Porter's voice, shrill and high with excitement.
  • Mrs. Brophy uttered a shrill scream, and clapped her hands together.
  • Once more the "loud shrill clarion" of war aroused Europe to arms.
  • The Landlady's voice piped high and shrill discussing the value of insurance.

How To Use Shrill In A Sentence?

  • But even as he landed on the wharf he heard a shrill shriek which pierced his very soul.
  • Men were beating thunderously at the shop door, and there were shrill whistles.
  • He gave a shrill whistle, a prearranged signal, and the others came toward him.
  • The fresh, shrill voices broke on the air, mingled with silvery peals of laughter.
  • Uttering shrill exclamations, she hurried down to confront King with blazing eyes.
  • With short, shrill cries, scarcely human in their viciousness, he urged his men forward.
  • His voice rose in a shrill cry, that made me jump, and drew a warning growl from Guard.
  • The voice was shrill and sharp with terror, but I knew it instantly for that of Jacob Horton.
  • The shrill voices of children and the shouts of boys floated in at the open window from somewhere afar off.
  • His voice rose in shrill entreaty, mixed with the cries of the shopmen and the noise of the streets.
  • Suddenly through the darkness came the sound of a shrill cry, and the thud of a fall in some room down the corridor.
  • A thrush is singing, and the shrill echoes of some boyish melancholy voices come from a chapel hard by.
  • With the exception of an occasional toot-toot from a taxi and the shrill whistle of a goods train, no other sounds are to be heard.
  • I only knew that we were beside the river bank, for upon my ears there fell the shrill whistle of a steam-tug.
  • His heels shot out as he laid his ears farther back on his head and he gave a shrill scream, as horses can when they are angry.
  • We hung over a paling to watch the creased and discontented face of an old hog, grunting in shrill anticipation of a meal.
  • Long, shrill rebel yells came from the hilltops, and were answered by volleys and deep-toned cheers.
  • She gave vent to a shrill peal of hideous laughter, as though there were something humorous in that grim and terrible tragedy.
  • A shrill scream burst from the girl's lips, and the wild light in her eyes grew deeper.
  • Didn't the Squire tell us the trees had a shrill note of their own when the wind blew?
  • He pulls the bell, which emits a shrill penetrating sound, at which the halls shake and the doors spring open.
  • The boy shouted again, and in response there came back, strangely flattened, the shrill cry of a woman.
  • Then, with a clang of wings and a chorus of shrill quacks, a gaggle of wild duck got up and sped away into the dark.
  • During his absence Sheen overheard certain shrill protestations which were apparently being uttered in the neighbourhood of the bathroom door.
  • Jean heard the kitchen door open and slam shut with a shrill squeal of its rusty hinges, and the sound of a man running down the path.

Definition of Shrill

High-pitched and piercing. | Having a shrill voice. | Sharp or keen to the senses.
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