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  • Nature herself seemed to shrink with horror.
  • I shrink involuntarily away.
  • Olga seemed to shrink within herself.
  • I do not shrink from that pure search.
  • Why should our sentiment so often shrink from knowledge?
  • And yet shrink back afraid of fire?
  • Do I shrink before you?
  • The English shrink from a generalization.
  • Mr. Kestrel seemed to shrink up within himself.
  • No brave-hearted champion Should shrink from the fight.
  • No, no; I need not shrink from this interview.
  • Come, Ruth, my child, why do you shrink away?
  • And do not shrink from sorrow's keenest wind.
  • I beg you will assure his excellency that Glandore will not shrink from his.

How To Use Shrink In A Sentence?

  • When was the giant foiled by him who is accustomed to shrink even from shadows?
  • They shrink from having it known that she was here at all; that she was in any way interested.
  • To that end we must shrink from no sacrifices to improve our methods of education.
  • Nevertheless he had insisted on it, and it was too late to shrink from making good his offer.
  • Such a word has often been blessed and made effectual, and we should not shrink from speaking it.
  • There are bonds which you have made sacred, and your fingers shrink from tearing them asunder.
  • What part of the world could we creep into where people would not shrink away from us?
  • The aunt then gave her a dose of worldly wisdom, which made the girl shrink into herself.
  • He was almost within reach, so close that one saw Jean shrink a little from his nearness.
  • A formal deed, with seal and signature, A spectre this from which all shrink afraid.
  • If I thought that my presence was a pleasure to you, I would shrink back into myself.
  • You have been seen by me twice in such a condition as made me shrink from you with terror and disgust.
  • But he is invariably on the side of light, and the things of darkness and evil shrink from contact with him.
  • But he denied having ever been in service, and seemed to shrink into shadow as though alarmed at the idea.
  • Though securely fastened, the limbs of the victim are left some liberty to shrink from the accursed heat.
  • The soul constantly suspected of baseness and cruelty must become degraded in time and shrink away to nothing.
  • She would have sent them away, but a sort of shyness habitual to her made her shrink from a scene or an explanation.
  • Quite probably she will shrink from you, as if you were a ghost recalling a time she would prefer to have buried, and you can be off home again.
  • Such shadowy beings prefer the dim light of allegory to the clear sunlight of reason, and shrink from closer inspection.
  • They pierce the grain, extract the sap, causing it to shrink and lose the greater part of its bulk.
  • We loved Mary, but sensibility had to shrink from those great proportions and that elemental strength.
  • But, anyway, he was relieved and thankful to find that the girl did not shrink from him, but was sweet and gracious as ever.
  • They shrink from the world beyond, from the outsiders, from all who are not Bersaglieri of their barracks.
  • Deane was careful, during these days of probation, to attend at his office regularly, and to shrink from none of his customary duties.
  • Nor must we shrink from the investment of time in preparation for the narration of the story; if it is worth telling, it is worth telling well.
  • We in England never shrink from telling our doctor what is the matter with us merely through the fear that he will hurt us.

Definition of Shrink

(transitive) To cause to become smaller. | (intransitive) To become smaller; to contract. | (intransitive) To cower or flinch.
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