Shrivels in a sentence

Definition of Shrivels

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shrivel

How to use Shrivels in a Sentence?

  • Let the breath of the Almighty touch a man, and he shrivels like the leaves in autumn.
  • But it is better to tear it than to cut it, because when torn the edges are jagged and it shrivels up more.
  • It will soon begin to sprout or send out new stems, and as these new stems grow the potato shrinks and shrivels up.
  • Both are like the black walnut in being encased in a rough outer husk, which upon maturing shrivels and adheres to the surface of the nut.
  • When the musing spider steps upon the red-hot shovel, he first exhibits a wild surprise, then he shrivels up.
  • If this part of the process is neglected, the skin of the leg shrivels up, dries down upon the bone, and looks like a mummy.
  • These souls of ours will still live in immortal youth, when that whelming tide ceases to roll, when the firmament shrivels like a burning scroll.
  • Hence the disastrous effects supposed to attend a breach of taboo; the offender has thrust his hand into the divine fire, which shrivels up and consumes him on the spot.
  • It was all over with self-delusion now; the flimsy web vanished before the fatal eloquence of that glance, as a gauze veil shrivels before a strong straight jet of flame.
  • It seems all right for a short time, but when it dries, it shrinks and shrivels up, and the nose not only loses all character and beauty, but becomes an eyesore.

Short Example Sentence for Shrivels

  • In fact it shrivels me up.
  • Its licking flame shrivels up personal loves and hates.
  • Hereafter, this little life shrivels into nothing!
  • Confounded it shrivels at Wisdom laid bare!
  • The Devil's scullion feed you On flame, until your liver shrivels black!