Shrubbery In A Sentence

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  • He will be at the shrubbery gate.
  • The birds in the shrubbery were eloquent.
  • We have trenched up the shrubbery borders.
  • The shrubbery walks were winding.
  • Through the shrubbery the lights of the house gleamed.
  • All kinds of shrubbery overgrow the graves.
  • The shrubbery in the yard was ragged and riotous.
  • A few yards outside the window a shrubbery began.
  • He parted the shrubbery and uttered a low exclamation.
  • The shrubbery hid her, but she could see them plainly.
  • At ten Hugh Fernely would be at the shrubbery gate.
  • The fires in the grass and in the shrubbery had been beaten out.
  • All about the spot where the kill had been the shrubbery was shredded.
  • All that you have seen is a little shrubbery and a bit of the park.
  • She was glad to find herself within the gate and in the shrubbery again.
  • And then they did commence to search the shrubbery all around us.
  • A belt of daffodils nodded to him from the shrubbery on the farther shore.
  • Eveley clung desperately to the heavy shrubbery among which she was crouching.
  • The mysterious figure drew quickly back into the shrubbery and disappeared.
  • Her aunt watched her till the shrubbery hid her at a turn in the walk.
  • We returned to the shrubbery hand in hand, and to the fatal place.
  • The melancholy even-song of a blackbird wailed out from a shrubbery beside us.
  • Barres heard running feet on the macadam, the crash of shrubbery opposite.
  • All this runaway shrubbery looked, in a way of speaking, inpenetrable.
  • As John was crossing from the shrubbery to the wicket he looked back.
  • He found Kitty waiting for him in the shrubbery in front of the house.

How To Use Shrubbery In A Sentence?

  • Then shield me from shots from the shrubbery on the opposite side of the garden.
  • Shadows of trees and of clumps of shrubbery became faintly visible on the grass.
  • Who could she ask to stand at the shrubbery gate and give to the stranger a missive from herself?
  • When the shrubbery cut us off from the house he stopped abruptly and seized my arm.
  • The men were ranged in the shadow of the shrubbery and the ivy-clad angle of the house.
  • As she emerged from the shrubbery she saw with surprise two figures standing on the lawn.
  • To the right and left small paths wound among the shrubbery to disappear in the darkness.
  • Philippa stood looking out of the window, across the lawn and shrubbery and down on to the beach.
  • Trees and shrubbery were growing neglected, so as quite to block up the lower part.
  • A scent of fresh leaves and moistened earth floated up from the shrubbery beneath the window.
  • In temperate latitudes the shrubbery predominates, especially in the most northerly parts.
  • Go round to the garden, and conceal yourself in the shrubbery near the eagle house.
  • There was a suspicious noise in the shrubbery near by, and in a moment more we heard our doom.
  • Sturdy shrubbery screened the tunnel exit, although concealment had not proved to be necessary.

Definition of Shrubbery

A planting of shrubs; a wide border to a garden where shrubs are thickly planted; or a similar larger area with a path winding through it. | Shrubs collectively.
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