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  • Who was he to shrug his shoulders!
  • Porky shrug his shoulders.
  • You shrug your shoulders.
  • She will shrug the shoulders by and by.
  • He finished with a shrug and left them.
  • He arose with a shrug of his shoulders.
  • Then the world will once more shrug its shoulders.
  • With only a shrug for an answer the other plunged on.
  • A shrug of the shoulders was the reward of this effort.
  • I saw her shrug her uncovered shoulders impatiently.
  • The old shrug answered the old grievance.
  • She gave a non-committal shrug and passed into the room.
  • All I could do was to shrug my shoulders.
  • With a shrug of uncertainty, I lifted her hand to my mouth.
  • With a shrug he turned and walked toward Helene Spenceley.
  • My narrative of the fatal night made thousands shrug their shoulders.
  • Aristide executed the large and expressive shrug of the Southerner.
  • A shrug of the shoulders, a shiver; then the man half rose and faced her.
  • Monsieur de Clericy leant back in his chair with a shrug of the shoulders.
  • A little shrug of Judy's shoulder was the only answer.
  • Oh, I am so tired of having people look at me and shrug and whisper.
  • The reply was, "Who can say?" with a significant shrug of the shoulders.
  • Mr. Stanley G. Fulton was guilty of a shrug and an uplifted eyebrow.

How To Use Shrug In A Sentence?

  • I shrug my shoulders contemptuously, and look slightingly at them according as they pass.
  • I have seen the poor fairy-godmother sigh and shrug sometimes over her inordinately long letters.
  • The off-hand shrug that accompanied the information, between men, was significant.
  • After numberless attempts to obtain justice, the public fell back with a shrug of the shoulders.
  • Sabatini recognized in a moment his sister's state, but he did no more than shrug his shoulders.
  • Jonah included the whole feminine world in a shrug of the shoulders, and turned impatiently on his heel.
  • He gave a rapid sinuous one-sided shrug that made it look for a moment as if his left arm had three elbows.
  • Diana, in the background, arched her brows, then with a shrug turned aside and seated herself on the stone seat by which they had been standing.
  • Signor Stefani, with a final angry shrug and expectoration, permitted himself to be ushered out of the room.
  • He had told me, with a shake of the head, that there must be some love affair in the matter, and correctly understood my shrug of the shoulders.
  • The black domino, with a shrug of the shoulders and a gesture of black-gloved hands excusing the limitations of a bird, answered by a simple caw.
  • John turned himself round on a keg he sat on, and gave a French shrug he had picked up among foreign cavaliers.
  • Finally, however, he turned away with a little shrug of the shoulders, threw himself into his easy-chair and began to smoke furiously.
  • For instance, let a woman make a reputation in art or literature, and men begin to smile and shrug their shoulders: they dispute her talent.
  • She responded with a disdainful movement of her shoulders which might have been a shrug if she had had French instead of Irish blood in her veins.
  • With a good-natured shrug of his shoulders, the Journalist turned to his more sophisticated neighbor, and left her quite piteously alone once more.
  • Mrs. Lancaster gave a shrug of impatience, and pushed a photograph on a small table farther away, as if it incommoded her.

Definition of Shrug

(transitive, intransitive) To raise (the shoulders) to express uncertainty, lack of concern, (formerly) dread, etc. | A lifting of the shoulders to signal indifference. | A cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves, typically knitted.
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