Shucks In A Sentence

Definition of Shucks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shuck | plural of shuck | (colloquial) Exclamatory response to a minor disappointment.

How To Use Shucks In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes pecan nuts are attacked, as they approach maturity, by a small, white caterpillar, which mines its way through the shucks of the nuts.
  • I have often watched him, as he sat bolt upright in a hickory, eating nuts, and throwing the shucks on the ground, with all the gravity of a judge.
  • We have what we call a pre-oviposition period of about two weeks, during which time the flies are not laying any eggs in the shucks and are moving around feeding.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shucks | Shucks Sentence

  • But shucks niggers aint got no sense nuf ter do fancy things.
  • Livin' nowadays ain't more'n shucks from de corn of what it used to be.

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