Shudder In A Sentence

Definition of Shudder

(intransitive) To shake nervously, often from fear or horror. | (intransitive) To vibrate jerkily. | A shivering tremor, often from fear or horror.

How To Use Shudder In A Sentence?

  • It makes me shudder now in the sunshine, and with you smiling down so kindly at me.
  • He started back with a shudder and brushed away the remnants of a big spider web.
  • The thing was dragging at the water, slowing him down, causing the sub to shudder and lurch.
  • He felt a sort of cold shudder as her black dress rustled past, actually touching him.
  • With an indescribable shudder Dalton realized that he too had moved an involuntary step forward.
  • I look back upon them as on the illusions of delirium, and shudder whilst I smile.
  • At these dismal sounds I trembled, and a cold shudder crept through my whole body.
  • He felt with a shudder that if he had pursued his fell mission to the end it would have been crowned with a horrible success.
  • It only made her shudder to think of its awful silence that was so solemn, but not in the least comforting.
  • We shudder as we picture the priest standing over his victim, his hands wet with the blood of his fellow man.
  • My knees trembled; my face now glowed with a hurried flush; and now a cold shudder ran through my limbs.
  • Descent was impossible, for the side of the pit was eaten away by the weather, and receded from him, so once more with a shudder he looked up.
  • Presently, a shudder of the vessel sent a strange thrill to our hearts, and almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.
  • Oh, it makes me shudder to think of dying out here alone; it doesn't seem as though I could.
  • It made me shudder and wonder how the scholar who loved his old book-lined college den and knew the old masters, could even live near to it.
  • Briefly she stood, dizzy and perplexed, and then, after one great leap, her heart seemed to shudder and stand still.
  • He even smiled to see the perceptible shudder with which Nellie surveyed him as he cut imaginary circles in the air with the keen-edged weapon.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shudder | Shudder Sentence

  • I shudder at the remembrance.
  • You shudder at the very thought.
  • I shudder to think what that means.
  • I shudder now to look on thee!
  • A shudder went through him at sight of the steel.
  • Ye seem to shudder and to turn away!
  • A shudder went over him, and he hurried on.
  • The mullah mistook the shudder for one of another kind.
  • I look back with a shudder even yet to that experience.
  • She tried to kneel, but a shudder passed through her.
  • I shudder to go over the scene at Colonus.
  • I shudder myself sometimes when I think of it.
  • I saw you here, but it had been so near that I shudder yet.
  • An involuntary shudder ran through Mr. Aubrey.
  • She looked at him so wildly that it caused a shudder to run through him.
  • He turned away with a shudder and flung himself down upon the ground again.
  • He hesitated for a moment and then he gave a little shudder of disgust.
  • A sudden shudder shook him and he burst into a fit of coughing.
  • The future made him shudder when he looked along the dreary years.
  • I shudder to think of such a thing; it would be the basest ingratitude.
  • She gave a shudder of horror, and wiped her right hand with her left.
  • His voice became shrill, and made the child shudder and begin to cry.
  • You shudder as you sit there, thinking of the thing I am to do.

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