Shuffled In A Sentence

How To Use Shuffled In A Sentence?

  • Pete shuffled the cow into a disjointed heap.
  • Flores turned and shuffled toward the corral.
  • He shuffled his feet on the rug in front of the fire.
  • He shuffled slowly towards the main lock.
  • Gallon shuffled his bare feet on the hot boards.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shuffled | Shuffled Sentence

  • They shuffled to a table.
  • Puffin shuffled alongside.
  • Holt shuffled his feet.
  • The housemaid shuffled off.
  • He shuffled over and opened it.
  • He had shuffled away.
  • Lablache shuffled clumsily.
  • Rickie shuffled his feet.
  • Then they shuffled on down the road.
  • He shuffled the papers some more.
  • Adair shuffled awkwardly.
  • We shuffled to our feet.
  • He shuffled off to his pots and pans.
  • Eddy shuffled from one leg to the other.
  • And he hastily shuffled down the staircase.
  • He shuffled in the indicated direction.
  • She shuffled her cards and sighed.
  • And away he shuffled down the steps.
  • Tom shuffled uneasily in his chair.
  • The child got up and shuffled in.
  • Oswald asked as he shuffled the cards.
  • He shuffled some papers on his desk.
  • Entwistle shuffled across the room.
  • He shuffled to the front and bowed.
  • The captain shuffled his cards irritably.
  • The child shuffled herself and her rags a little more.
  • Winthrop rose stiffly and shuffled down the rocks.
  • The man with the gamp shuffled toward him.
  • And he shuffled out of the barn and went his way.
  • Grief shuffled and passed the cards for the cut.
  • I stood up again and shuffled to the edge of the wreck.
  • The boy shuffled into the adjoining room.
  • He shuffled around in a stumbling circle.
  • Migwan shuffled her feet and fell into rhythm.
  • He shuffled his bare feet uncomfortably.

Definition of Shuffled

Jumbled together. | simple past tense and past participle of shuffle
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