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  • Sheltered by the shuffling of feet.
  • There was a shuffling now and a whispering in the lobby.
  • Again the noise of shuffling feet.
  • There was the sound of shuffling footsteps in the hall.
  • Sam came shuffling along ten minutes after twelve.
  • The man turned to go, shuffling soundlessly.
  • The noise of rustling programs and shuffling feet succeeds it.
  • There is a shuffling of feet in the front room, and whispers.
  • Then a middle-aged person came shuffling in, very much out of breath.
  • There was rattling of chains, flapping of canvas, and shuffling of feet.
  • You must--who is that shuffling his feet?
  • Then there came a bumping noise on the stairs, and Amelia's shuffling tread.

How To Use Shuffling In A Sentence?

  • How distinctive is the proud tramp of their feet above the shuffling shamble of the posters!
  • From the other side of the gymnasium door came an unceasing and mysterious shuffling sound.
  • And there was other whispering, and much nodding of heads and shuffling of feet.
  • They crowded their way to the front and made a noisy shuffling with their feet and talked loudly.
  • Inside he heard shuffling movements, but there was no evidence of intent to obey his order.
  • Then he went shuffling into the front room of the house, and saw at once the most likely place.
  • In a minute the fuzzy brown fisherman came shuffling along the narrow path through the bushes.
  • Throw one over ... sounds of shuffling and getting out of the way are heard in the enemy trench.
  • As she glanced about for a taxicab, she saw Old Mose Johnson shuffling toward the loading dock.
  • But for the shuffling of the desert sand and the whack of a driving stick the caravan marched in silence.
  • He had smelt what was in the wind, and hastily shuffling on his little garments was following the girls.
  • The old butler comes sleepily shuffling along the hall again, and appears at the parlor with a telegram.
  • Bill caught a glimpse of black water, then he found himself shuffling along a narrow corduroy road with the rest.
  • They hate shuffling and equivocation, and the cause is damaged in the public opinion, on which any paltering can be fixed.
  • Even the placing of the two big trunks, which the shuffling men brought in, won from her only a listless glance or two.
  • Immediately the whispers, the shuffling of feet, the occasional cough, died down into a thrilling silence.
  • In the school a company of students was being drilled by a sergeant, whose words of command rang out in the intervals of shuffling feet.
  • Her eyes were fixed unswervingly upon the figure in the once-white drill trousers and bobbed swallow-tail coat and shuffling boots.
  • In less than the five minutes he had been given, he was shuffling down the lane, all his worldly goods slung over his shoulder in a handkerchief.
  • From the pantry came suppressed guffaws, the shuffling of many feet, the steady fusillade of rattling china.
  • The only sounds heard in the room were the shuffling of the feet of the two wrestlers and the oaths of the enraged Bluffy.
  • There are muffled figures shuffling around to represent monks in cowls, saints, demons, and apostles.
  • He stood up, and went shuffling from one to the other of his former cronies, shaking hands with them all, but without speaking.
  • While they were at their breakfast on the shore, a deplorable figure, ashen-cheeked and shamed, came shuffling out of the bush.
  • He had received a notice, he said, and at once produced a pocket-book stuffed with papers, and began shuffling them in search.
  • It was a short, shabby, nondescript little figure, shuffling rapidly along the winding walk between the rose bushes.
  • The growling came to an end, the shuffling of feet stopped, and the men paused a moment to listen, and then burst into peals of laughter.
  • This one walks firm and quick; he does not come shuffling and with care; though give him but time enough, and it may come to that.

Definition of Shuffling

Moving with a dragging, scraping step. | evasive | present participle of shuffle
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