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  • Thirteen were shut down altogether.
  • The board was shut down again.
  • He must shut down on that and hang.
  • Then the sifting snow shut down again.
  • Then the smoke shut down and she was hidden.
  • It shut down about him like a great blackness.
  • His teeth shut down like a vise.
  • Your mines and gold washings shut down on this day.
  • I'd shut down tomorrow.
  • The mines and washings shut down while all turned to the work of rebuilding.
  • All the banks know it at once, and shut down on loans instanter.
  • Only one peep; and then the lid shall be shut down as safely as ever!
  • His iron hand shut down upon his men, more than ever resistless.
  • Only one peep; and then the lid shall be shut down as safely as ever!
  • But right here Michael shut down his thoughts and went to work.
  • Mrs. Spencer shut down the pantry window with a vicious thud.
  • When the mine's shut down I like to take my time.
  • But Ruth, taking her cans, shut down the window and returned to the kitchen.
  • However, I shut down the piano, and went and sat by the fire, opposite to him.

How To Use Shut Down In A Sentence?

  • Something left with them shut down around her as a fog in which she could not breathe.
  • The darkness of the tempest shut down upon them and the raft was instantly lost to sight.
  • He then shut down the lid, and dug a grave for the bodies in the floor of his dungeon.
  • Personal things had seemed to quell that; the storm in her own life had shut down around her.
  • Here had he set up a store out in the wilds, and then they go and shut down the work altogether!
  • At the back, in the centre, is a handsome writing-desk with a shut down flap lid.
  • A mill that may be working day and night this year may be obliged to shut down entirely next year.
  • They shut down again, stayed down, and in two minutes the six sleepers had become the seven.
  • Twelve thousand Union troops were killed before night mercifully shut down upon the slaughter.
  • Then the great eyelid shut down fast, and the waking days of the Cockatrice were over.
  • Atlanta LoD could have shut down phone service all over Atlanta any time they liked.
  • During the operation the throttle shut down so that the operator might resume his seat and take the levers.
  • It so chanced that on account of some slight repairs the mine in which her father was employed was shut down for a few days.
  • It was too late now to look back to his waiting laboratory, and unflinchingly he shut down on the thought.
  • Shall he simply think of himself as one who has crushed this passion, shut down this part of his life?
  • They have shut down the safety valve, they suffer from the present lamentable increase of gentleness.
  • We summarily shut down upon this business when we find that their fees come to but half a dollar a pair.
  • To appreciate this one only needs to visit towns in which the sawmills have shut down on account of lack of timber.
  • And after one long look of farewell he allowed the heavy lid to be shut down on his hard-won happiness.
  • She looked up, and saw through her tears his form against the gray window, as he shut down the sash.
  • Of course this causes a falling off in the demand, and the trust has to shut down some of its mills to ward off over-production.

Definition of Shut Down

(transitive) To close, terminate, or end. | (ergative) To turn off or stop. | (figuratively, intransitive) To emotionally withdraw into oneself as a defense mechanism; to block out external stressors.
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