Shut Out In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shut Out | Shut Out Sentence

  • Then all was shut out again.
  • But she did not feel shut out here.
  • You were shut out because you were black.
  • But shut out the others.
  • He cannot now be shut out altogether.
  • I will not shut out the lessons that they teach.
  • And was she shut out from his life forever?
  • Ralph had closed it to shut out the draught.
  • It shut out the overhanging sky.
  • How can you have the courage to shut out love?
  • It shut out all hope for the future.
  • The chase was thus shut out from view.
  • She put up her hand as if to shut out a picture.
  • Think you that convent-walls can shut out temptation?
  • Somehow this room seemed to shut out the sky.
  • Then he turned away to shut out the sight.
  • He fiercely felt himself shut out and trampled on.
  • The outer blinds shut out all hope.
  • Geraldine resolutely shut out memories of her knight.
  • Physical weariness and suffering shut out all else.
  • Few can be happy shut out of the nursery of the soul.
  • He put his hand to his face to shut out the sight.
  • Heavy damask curtains shut out the light of day.
  • It is strange how such high walls shut out the world.
  • They put their hands over their eyes to shut out the sight.
  • I stopped up my ears to shut out his voice....
  • We find it impossible to shut out German music.
  • Am I to be shut out from Jesus?
  • One of them cannot altogether shut out these obtrusive considerations.
  • These external impressions are admitted or shut out at will.
  • Think ye that love until now can have been shut out from her bosom?
  • Randalin watched her wonderingly until leaves shut out the picture.
  • You'll be shut out a second time.
  • But the interstate-commerce bill does not shut out the employe!
  • Yet he smarted from the new sense of being shut out from her life.
  • That rift of sunshine which had entered his life should not be shut out again.
  • One gains nothing by attempting to shut out the sprites of the weather.
  • They were going to shut out the prisoner from the outside world altogether.
  • Titmouse groaned at this glimpse of the heaven he seemed shut out of forever.

How To Use Shut Out In A Sentence?

  • The sun itself appeared to have been shut out for ever from this stretch of desolation.

Definition of Shut Out

To prevent from entering; to block or exclude. | To hide from sight. | (sports) To prevent from scoring; to perform a shutout.
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