Shut Up In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shut Up | Shut Up Sentence

  • Rollo shut up his portfolio.
  • I have been shut up in a cell.
  • I shut up and walked in again.
  • Alice shut up when she saw me.
  • But he did shut up for a moment.
  • He is too much shut up for me.
  • We have shut up our enemy.
  • Do shut up about your head.
  • It is quite shut up and deserted now.
  • She shut up her portfolio and hurried in.
  • They shut up the place of sitting.
  • Will she shut up the maidens in a harem?
  • Tell them to shut up and stop all that nonsense!
  • God had shut up every door.
  • The house was shut up and dead.
  • The officers shut up their glasses.
  • You will be yourself, shut up in yourself.
  • He was never shut up again in the pantry.
  • That would have shut up some men.
  • The house is shut up and going to pieces.
  • It is as if my head does not feel so shut up and strange.
  • At last he shut up and took to drink.
  • The skies suddenly opened for him and then shut up again.
  • I will not be shut up here any longer like a convict.
  • So gloomy an idea is shut up from man.
  • She shut up at once like the blade of a knife.
  • This space was closely shut up now on all sides.
  • He would like to shut up all the churches.
  • Then they shut up like a clasp-knife.
  • Obviously the room had been shut up since she left.
  • Malone told himself morosely to shut up and think.
  • You had better turn the man out and shut up the office.
  • They mean to keep you shut up in jail until they ruin you.
  • I shall shut up the house and come straight to you.
  • But anything is better than being shut up like a prisoner.

How To Use Shut Up In A Sentence?

  • I dislike being shut up indoors even for an hour.
  • I told him to shut up and tell how the thing had happened.
  • He nearly had a fit, and shut up at once.
  • Not because we were inside, shut up in a jug.
  • We are honest men though we have been shut up in prison.

Definition of Shut Up

Closed up or off, as in a building that no one is to enter. | (transitive) To close (a building) so that no one can enter. | (transitive) To terminate (a business).
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