Sick Of In A Sentence

How To Use Sick Of In A Sentence?

  • Yet thou art sick of that same pestilence.
  • She had had too much of shams; she was sick of them.
  • My stomach is sick of seal and whale and bear.
  • I never was so sick of anything as of this vile war.
  • I was dead sick of hanging around doing nothing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sick Of | Sick Of Sentence

  • Macedoine was sick of it.
  • I am about sick of them.
  • Everybody is sick of it.
  • I am sick of you all.
  • I am sick of the excuse.
  • We all got sick of them.
  • I am sick of thought.
  • Said he was sick of the sight of him.
  • I am sick of the word.
  • She was as sick of him as he was weary of her.
  • His heart was sick of it.
  • I am sick of my bonnet.
  • I am sick of the world.
  • I am sick of hearing of it!
  • In time she will get sick of this.
  • I grew truly sick of it all.
  • Where sick of rage she lay.
  • The directors are sick of their job.
  • And she did get sick of me and turned me off.
  • Tired and sick of you along with the rest of it.
  • I am absolutely sick of this loafing.
  • I have grown sick of shadows.
  • I am sick of the play and all the fussing over it.
  • I am sick of the whole thing.
  • I am heart-sick of the whole business.
  • The younger went to bed sick of himself.
  • It is his duty to attend to the sick of his flock.
  • Sick of nursing me, and of her life here!
  • I was heartily sick of the whole affair.
  • He was really sick of the whole thing.
  • I am sick of the sound of the words in my own brain.
  • The people are sick of revolutionary rule.
  • He was never so bored and sick of a night by himself.
  • I came home sick of wars.
  • I am sick of it all, indeed.
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