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  • Michael recoiled from the sight with a sickening sadness.
  • A moment of tense silence and sickening uncertainty.
  • An instant of sickening suspense ...
  • Nay, but dying as God, sickening as a God.
  • The realisation brought a distinct, sickening shock with it.
  • It was sickening to see the marks grow red and swell on his face.
  • This he made 'a scene of drear and sickening desolation.
  • At the same time a powerful, sickening odor spread through the tent.
  • A sickening blast shivered his tiny craft, and then another.
  • With a sickening fear at his heart, he turned and raced for the cabin.
  • For a few minutes he waited, a sickening doubt growing up in his soul.
  • He gave a blood-curdling yell, which died away in a sickening gurgle.
  • How sickening to be now starting to open up a hell of pain, wounds, and death.
  • That day passed over, a second, and a third day of sickening suspense.
  • As I buzzed down that sickening height I saw that Zorilla had stopped.
  • With sickening clarity she was getting the men's view-point.

How To Use Sickening In A Sentence?

  • A sickening horror of this hideous side of life filled him with strange protest.
  • Nobody touched it, nor was there any string, but as it rose it swayed with sickening monotony.
  • He could scarcely keep his feet, so terrific was the speed and so sickening the motion.
  • But to-day he glanced left and right, looking for he knew not what with sickening anxiety.
  • Any assumption of sentiment seemed to May to be sickening under the circumstances.
  • The fumes of the whiskey were sickening to me, and I could no longer stay there.
  • Taylor, the water poet, has left us the sickening details of such an execution in Germany in 1616.
  • Lady Sarah Francis, and the old sickening feeling came over him at the thought of the past.
  • It was sickening work climbing to the place on to which my miserable father and his companion had pitched in their fall.
  • Something that made my blood run cold with a sickening apprehension of the calamity that had so nearly befallen us.
  • These thoughts flashed through his mind, filling him with sickening dismay and inexpressible disgust.
  • Alternate moods of hopefulness and foreboding kept her swinging like a pendulum from exhilaration to a sickening sense of fear.
  • The papers had announced an inquest was to be held that day, and she awaited the verdict with sickening apprehension.
  • Bert turned his front wheel down the slope, and swooped toward the bottom of the track with a sickening lurch.
  • I care not to recall those sickening days of anxiety and hope deferred, and utter defeat at the last.
  • Instead of that, all the recollections were of an almost sickening sweetness; particularly that kiss on the day he went to see her.
  • The rocks around were slippery with ordure, and the sickening stench of rotting skeletons made our very gorge rise.
  • Then came a most tremendous jerk, that almost caused him to lose his balance and the log to quiver, with sickening possibilities.
  • There was a sickening whit of steel cutting through flesh, the gasp of last and hard-drawn breaths, and the sound of falls.
  • On every floor the doors of the kitchens of the several apartments stood open to the staircase, and emitted a suffocating, sickening odor.
  • The odor from the body was heavy and most sickening to an American, and yet there was no trace of the unusual on the various faces.
  • Now, as she checked him, a sickening sense of what his words must signify to her swept down upon him, and he covered his face with his hands.
  • It was the tune of those times, but Dolly could never hear it afterwards without a sickening dislike.
  • He could not banish the sickening dread that she was in the power of Marlanx, to whom she alone could pay the ransom exacted.

Definition of Sickening

Causing sickness or disgust. | (LGBT slang) Amazing, fantastic. | present participle of sicken
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