Sickness In A Sentence

Definition of Sickness

The quality or state of being sick or diseased; illness. | Nausea; qualmishness; as, sickness of stomach. | (linguistics) The analogical misuse of a rarer or marked grammatical case in the place of a more common or unmarked case.

How To Use Sickness In A Sentence?

  • The need of provision against sickness and death is keenly felt in every immigrant community.
  • The mahkais used tobacco in their incantations, both for curing sickness and for making rain.
  • There was one of these over against my rooms, at the time of the sickness I speak of.
  • A swift, bright lance hurled low across the world; A sudden sickness for the hills of home.
  • And bring thee in return dull cares and tears, And difficult days and sickness and despair . . .
  • Within the memory of all the islanders no man had ever died there, and sickness was a thing unknown.
  • And as they traveled a pestilence broke out, a sickness which spread thru all the villages and delayed them.
  • I have happily escaped fever or sickness of any kind, and have nothing to complain of but excessive weakness.
  • The careful mention of the sickness and death of an apparently unimportant woman is curious, and hard to explain.
  • Lo, a worker of spells has sent destruction among us, and the sickness is sore in the habitations of the poor.
  • The amount of sickness is terrible; we have 2,500 men in hospital, and numbers of officers besides.
  • Even in case of infectious sickness ... they lie in the same place as others, some of whom they actually infect.
  • There was sickness among the sheep and the pigs; and the standing crop in his great orchard was sold to a middleman for a quarter the usual price.
  • To such a pass came it that the sickness pressed Harald hard and his death was told throughout the whole host.
  • Nerve-racked from birth, with the pains of child-birth, the blood clot, such sickness has seized upon me.
  • That the mind is able, in a large degree, to prevent or to cause sickness and even death, all thinking people admit.
  • When he saw that his sickness was very violent and he was near death, he prayed that his body might be placed on an altar and worshiped as Cod.
  • But on a time there came a great sickness to the house of Thorkel and Helga, and many were bed-ridden for a long time.
  • He waited patiently to see her pass through a severe sickness of many weeks, and it was with a feeling of relief that he learned of her convalescence.
  • The weather is undoubtedly very trying for old and infirm men; but we are all well here, and there is no sickness to speak of among the troops.
  • The physiology of fasting in time of sickness is so entirely new to the medical world that every death that occurs with those who practise it is certain to be attributed to starving.
  • They were not in our possession, nor by such reproduction as occurs in sickness do they for the future come into our possession; and yet they were in us and continue to be in us still.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sickness | Sickness Sentence

  • Mountain sickness is like measles.
  • They meant no more to her than sickness does to a quack.
  • A sickness struck to my very heart.
  • And that is how there is sickness & death among us.
  • The sickness of her daughter.
  • The growing feeling of sickness spread through Stark.
  • You know this sickness is from God, Phoebe.
  • It seems to me that there is a lot of sickness around this year.
  • I have made no allowance for my sickness and have never worked harder.
  • Then as afterthought of sickness and possible loss came to mind.
  • Serious sickness is such as renders a person entirely unable to work.
  • For the first parents were perfect, and there was no sickness and no death.
  • There was but one case of sea sickness reported on the whole voyage.
  • Then her eyes opened, and they told of sickness now in motion within her.
  • The number of victims of mountain sickness at Gnatong was considerable.
  • I have often had bad mountain sickness of the one kind in the plains of India.
  • If the sickness does increase he won't have a sound man left by the 21st.

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