Sideways In A Sentence

Definition of Sideways

Moving or directed toward one side. | (informal) Positioned sideways (with a side to the front). | (informal) Neither moving upward nor moving downward.

How To Use Sideways In A Sentence?

  • Fortune faced him, but twisted his chest sideways in order to present less surface.
  • Under the orchard trees daffodils danced And jostled, turning sideways to the wind.
  • I glanced sideways and saw the Mayor of Kinghamstead speaking behind his hand to Parvill.
  • Sir Richard look sideways at Mrs. Linton, and kept his countenance as well as he could.
  • The grass head was slowly rotated and shifted sideways until nothing remained but the rachis which was discarded.
  • Isabella had turned sideways on the seat, and her face was hidden in her arms folded on the back of it.
  • He was only ten steps away and yet she turned her head a little sideways that she might catch the low words.
  • Use gloves when you first take the colt out, and place yourself so that if he bolts you may pull him sideways gradually into a circle.
  • But a hatchet head intervened, the wedging body forced in between sent man and beast sideways over the cliff.
  • We begin slowly, growling and walking sideways towards each other, and only getting nearer inch by inch.
  • And he was in such a hurry that he tied his tie on sideways and brushed his furry tail the wrong way, which made him look very funny.
  • Old 'Mpofu and a woman shut their eyes and bent their heads sideways toward the verge.
  • He discovered that she had collapsed sideways in a faint, but, by some marvel, the folded cloak had not rolled down the side of the precipice.
  • The first took the hurdle in good shape, but failed to reach the further bank of the ditch and fell over sideways into it, carrying down his rider.
  • Chatterton, though driving sideways down the stream, could apparently swim a little, and did not appear unduly alarmed.
  • You can ride sideways as far as the Allens', and get your riding-skirt and come on.
  • To breathe, I had to turn my head sideways to avoid the direct rush of air from the whirling propeller.
  • She reassured the trembling Boyar, who fretted sideways and snorted as he passed the spot where the snake had been coiled in the trail.
  • Sitting indolently sideways to the table, his feet on a chair, he discussed an excellent breakfast leisurely, as one at peace with the world.
  • We jolted downtown, me sitting sideways in a rear seat watching the stairs for Willitts' legs.
  • We suddenly began to slow up, the car swung off sideways from the roadbed, ran toward the bushes on the right, and came to a halt.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sideways | Sideways Sentence

  • We listened and looked sideways up!
  • Some are turned sideways in our illustration.
  • Nadine turned a little sideways on the bed.
  • Then he waded sideways through inches of soot.
  • His head had slipped down sideways on the pillow.
  • As he said that he eyed me sideways swiftly and keenly.
  • The shoe flew off sideways and smashed a mirror.
  • The car came to a halt with a little sideways skid.
  • He glanced sideways at me, his eyes full of meaning.
  • She shassayed sideways fer a rod, buckin' at ev'ry jump.
  • He is very apt to rear sideways against the nearest wall or paling.
  • The tide will then have a chance to carry us sideways round the point.
  • Swept bodily sideways the seaplane failed to clear the line of poplars.
  • He fretted as the roan pony leaped sideways toward the gate.
  • Oh, it is fun to make a boat that will flop sideways through the waves.
  • By squeezing sideways on his seat, he got a restricted view of the bay.
  • Mr. Harris was sitting sideways on one of the three cane-bottomed chairs.
  • I crawl sideways over other things like a crab: I wave my pincers and pinch.
  • If I think the boat ought to go sideways, sideways she shall go.

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