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  • Mix and sift the dry ingredients.
  • Place in a mixing bowl and sift to mix.
  • Add baking powder and sift three times.
  • It would require care and impartiality to sift these.
  • Place in a mixing bowl and sift to thoroughly mix.
  • Sift flour once, then measure and sift three times.
  • I'll sift that matter by and by.
  • Rather should they sift the present and forecast the future.
  • Mebby we can drop off easy and sift out of sight without any fuss.
  • Just over my place the balloon began to sift down a shower of pebbles.
  • Always sift flour over beef suet when chopping it to be used in puddings.
  • Always sift flour before using, when setting sponge for bread.
  • When pie has baked sift pulverized sugar thickly over top and serve cold.
  • So that Dicky troubled little to sift the meaning of what he said.
  • Then add beaten yolks, stir thoroughly, sift the flour five times.

How To Use Sift In A Sentence?

  • Here you can watch her conduct and sift her sentiments conveniently and at leisure.
  • The last time sift into the batter, stirring only enough to incorporate the flour.
  • Measure 1 quart of unsifted flour and sift twice with 2 generous teaspoonfuls of baking powder.
  • But we knew it not; or, if my lord knew it, he had no time to sift the charges against him.
  • Let rise again, and when well risen fry a golden brown in deep fat and sift over pulverized sugar.
  • He felt vaguely annoyed, slightly uneasy, without being able to sift out the cause.
  • For the dumplings, sift together one cup of flour and two even teaspoons of baking powder.
  • It immediately occurred to him to sift her on the subject of Isabella and Theodore.
  • Add 1 cup of sour milk, 1-3/4 cups flour, then sift over 1-1/2 tablespoonfuls of cocoa.
  • On the other hand, Time is at last beginning to sift the true admirers of Dickens from the false.
  • Snowflakes sift to the ground instead of accumulating upon the branches and breaking them by their cumulative weight.
  • But to sift wheat from chaff is easier than to sift truth from the lying blandishments employed on such occasions.
  • I don't know that any of us are much better than nothing, when we sift ourselves to our origin.
  • Sprinkle with fine bread crumbs and salt and paprika and then sift two tablespoons of grated cheese over each layer.
  • If you are forced to give your hens or chickens meal, you must sift it fine and scald it and cool it.
  • The silver pouring down from that small crescent seemed to sift through the strong golden light in a separate and distinct radiance.
  • He wants to sift the wheat from the chaff, and he will discard everything that militates against the laws of nature and of reason.
  • It is our privilege to sift them apart and sort them over, and find what kinds are best adapted to our various uses.
  • Much of the raw material pressed into secondary schools was quite unsuitable, and little or no attempt was made to sift it in the rough.
  • To prepare the bread crumbs, put dried bread through the food chopper, then sift and store until needed.
  • In that way many persons were naturalized who would have been found, had time been taken to sift the applications, not entitled to citizenship.
  • Cut in half-inch slices, sift flour over each slice and fry a golden brown in a couple tablespoonfuls of sweet drippings and butter.
  • And the two maids at the spinning-wheel must be up and doing; one to pound almonds in the mortar; the other to sift fine flour for fritters.
  • To prevent cakes sticking to pans, grease pans well with lard, and sift a little flour lightly over pan.
  • Calcine oyster-shells, pound them, sift them through a silk sieve, and grind them on porphyry till they are reduced to the finest powder.

Definition of Sift

To sieve or strain (something). | To separate or scatter (things) as if by sieving. | To examine (something) carefully.
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