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  • What is a signal code?
  • This was the signal for a general devastation.
  • Joan justly regarded as a signal victory.
  • On one unfortunate occasion, the signal was disregarded.
  • Harry let them come almost up to them before he gave the signal to fire.
  • And as if at a signal for which they had been waiting, two shots barked out.
  • The first horseman reaches the castle gate and winds the signal horn.
  • The practical result, however, is a signal lamp which is highly satisfactory.
  • This signal to open the bombardment was made at nine o'clock.

How To Use Signal In A Sentence?

  • Such a signal is operated by the making and breaking of current from a battery.
  • Any electric signal has upper and lower limits of current between which it is to be actuated.
  • Now at her side slumbers the veteran, awaiting with her the signal of the resurrection.
  • How would you arrange the signal code for six stations on a non-selective party line?
  • Obviously, an open circuit in the line will not prevent the clearing-out signal being received.
  • A simple modification of the gravity-drop produces the visible signal shown in Fig.
  • The terrible button at whose signal the German war machine would move was all but pressed.
  • Yet before Sancho could make a beginning it vanished, like the former, on a signal of the wand.
  • The beginning of each paragraph is a signal to him that a new step in the development of the subject has been reached.
  • His entrance was the signal for a demonstration of joy from the guards who already looked on him as their future leader.
  • No large and successful multiple switchboard with any other type of signal has been built since that time.
  • Each telegraph sounder serves as an audible electric signal and is capable of signifying more than that the call is being made.
  • The line signal in magneto switchboards is practically always in the form of an electromagnetic annunciator or drop.
  • There was a schooner caught in a storm that was lost in the gathering fog after sending up a rocket as a signal of distress.
  • The current which just gives a sufficient lighting of the signal may be about doubled with safety to the filament of the lamp.
  • For this reason some other than a visual signal is necessary, and this need is met by the so-called night-alarm attachment.
  • A large gun boomed forth the signal for the onset; and as great a battle was fought as the memory of man ever heard of.
  • The qualities of electromagnets and lamps in these respects are used to advantage by the lamp signal arrangement shown in Fig.
  • In its best form, the lamp signal is mounted behind a hemispherical lens, either slightly clouded or cut in facets.
  • I saw him signal a sampan to come alongside, get into it, and go off in the direction of a cluster of local steamers anchored close inshore.
  • This limb always being continuous serves, when this "flash" contact is made, to actuate the line signal at the central office.
  • At the signal of release, however, she flung off the drapery in which Elinor had posed her, and flew to the window.
  • This operation automatically displays a signal at the central office and he does nothing further until the operator inquires for the number that he wants.
  • Presently the triple-toned motor horn of the Imperial automobile tooted from afar the signal that the Kaiser was approaching.
  • Long before daybreak, however, he was awakened by the hammering of planks, the usual signal to the Turkish cavalry to feed their horses.
  • His appearance was the signal for some humor, for Mr. Plume had long passed the time when any one but himself took him seriously.
  • The appointed messengers had arrived at Fort Stanwix, many hours late, and the signal had been given.
  • The influence of the lamp signal was one of the potent ones in the development of the type of multiple switchboard which is now universal as the mechanism of large manual exchanges.
  • The earliest and most widely used visible signal in telephone practice was the annunciator, having a shutter adapted to fall when the magnet is energized.
  • At the close of the conversation, either one or both of the subscribers may send a clearing-out signal by turning their generators after hanging up their receivers.

Definition of Signal

Standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement. | (transitive, intransitive) To indicate; to convey or communicate by a signal. | (transitive) To communicate with (a person or system) by a signal.
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