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  • It signifies nothing.
  • What signifies belief?
  • Elater signifies striking or bounding.
  • A verb signifies being or doeing.
  • But what signifies the milk and honey?
  • What signifies having spindle-shanks?
  • This signifies the return of the inua to the sea.
  • The name oxygen signifies acid former.
  • The future signifies the time to come, to be sure.
  • Inner-Powfray signifies the junction of two rivers.
  • It signifies she's cold in her bed.
  • That is mortifying; but what signifies who has the undoing it?
  • In particular it signifies the birth or awakening of love in the human soul.
  • It signifies so much the more that it is a little thing, a little token.
  • This property is indicated by the name alkaloids, which signifies alkali-like.
  • Its bright, lidless eyes never close, this signifies vigilance.
  • On the contrary, it signifies that I am more greatly to be feared.
  • It signifies a city, and is an etymological equivalent of Goth.
  • He said, therefore, "What signifies the result?
  • Haji Baba shook his head, which signifies with a Turk: I anticipated that.
  • Ah, man, what signifies your conceit?--such a bashaw!
  • What signifies his barren shine, Of moral powers an' reason?
  • Mus-qua-kee, the name of the Fox Indians, signifies "red earth.

How To Use Signifies In A Sentence?

  • We therefore conclude that the period of three and a half times signifies three and a half years.
  • The very enclosure of our garden-spaces signifies that Nature is held in duress here.
  • But what then signifies this, That the wool was to be put into the midst of the thorns?
  • I contend," says he, "for liberty, as it signifies a power in man to do as he wills or pleases.
  • Ditto marks mean "remaining in camp," and X means leaving camp and signifies an empty cot.
  • The resurrection of the witnesses doubtless signifies a time of reformation and implies its true character.
  • When a girl has anything unusual in her face, you must tell her that it signifies extraordinary luck.
  • Christ did not directly answer and tell him where he was going, but he signifies where in these words of the text, viz.
  • A peculiar complaining sound signifies that he does not understand; another one, that he does not wish.
  • Come, we will begin with the verb hntal, a verb of the first conjugation, which signifies to rejoice.
  • I have since been informed that this name in the Egyptian language signifies the capricious fair one.
  • That care and system signifies much in such employment, and even more when it is lacking, since a deficiency therein is more grievous.
  • This signifies the great apostasy that overspread the earth, defiling and perverting the true worship of God.
  • It is used often in opposition to the word Arahatamegata, which signifies the ways or roads leading to perfection.
  • Thus the word mensch (man) in its primitive root signifies a being endowed with spirit by way of pre-eminence above all earthly creatures.
  • To a member of our clan, a single wail signifies the advent of the banshee, which, when materialised, is not beautiful to look upon.
  • Tis not enough to raise a storm, unless you follow it with a blow, and the thunder without the bolt, signifies just nothing at all....

Definition of Signifies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of signify
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