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  • As if this were not enough, he issued a menacing proclamation against the signing of the petition.
  • Instead, however, he found himself writing and signing a retraction to the trade embargo.
  • It was one of the submarines which were surrendered to the Allies at the signing of the armistice.
  • While he was signing the subscription blank I made a wax impression of the key to the cases.
  • Give a brief history of the events connected with the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
  • Especially was this true after the signing of the treaty of Greenville, Ohio, August 3, 1795.
  • One, signing himself Angus Dallas of Toronto, wrote several pamphlets attacking the school system.
  • They had hoodwinked La Barre into signing the meanest treaty that ever disgraced New France.
  • No person shall be persecuted for offenses of participation in war measures prior to the signing of the armistice.
  • No one will ever be worse for just saying plainly what she has to say and then signing her name to it plainly and in full.
  • The testator at the time of signing and acknowledging the writing shall declare it to be his last will; and 4.
  • It is sometimes still a matter of controversy as to what may be considered a subscription or signing of the will at the end or foot thereof.
  • He remembered the conversation about Annie and the mine but had no recollection about signing the check.
  • At the sight of him the women broke into loud lamentations, for they looked upon the signing of a will as the signing of a death-warrant.
  • In writing and signing cheques use good black ink and let the copy dry a little before a blotter is used.
  • The signing must take place in the presence of each of the witnesses, or be acknowledged to have been made in their presence; 3.
  • In such States as require a signing in the presence of the testator these wills would not be entitled to probate.
  • I had time to prepare a word of that which I must say to her, she was on the threshold signing me to enter.
  • All vessels designated to be interned shall be ready to leave the German ports seven days after the signing of the armistice.
  • Once more, we ask, in view of these things, ought he not to make a written lease and well understand its terms before signing it?
  • He petitioned the Government, signing a pledge never to join any secret society, to give him his liberty.
  • Faizi,' said he, signing to me, 'have the door opened to these people, as they no longer know how to conduct themselves.
  • Almost the first news that came over the wire was that of the signing of the treaty of peace which ended the war between Prussia and Austria.
  • All, whether settled or not, will be given scrip for land to the value of $240.00, that is, all born up to the date of signing the treaty.
  • Assure him with my compliments that his throat and yours shall be cut as surely as you dare set out after that ivory without signing my agreement first.
  • After the signing of peace he had determined to look up the old athlete and see if he could not offer him such opportunities that he could go straight.
  • All the movements of evacuation or occupation are regulated by the note (annexure No. 1) drawn up at the moment of the signing of the armistice.
  • They should be careful to read them over two or three times or more, until they fully understand them and are sure of their nature before signing or executing them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Signing | Signing Sentence

  • The process of signing began almost at once.
  • With me the question of signing up was a big one.
  • King John signing Magna Charta.
  • He scored his first point while the bride was signing her name.
  • The day after the signing of the contract she called Enrica to her.
  • To him the news of the actual signing of the treaty came at the end of March.
  • And signing to Siddha to approach, he announced his name and rank.
  • He'll work, and work hard, without signing on....
  • Oh, how she rejoiced in her father's conversion and in his signing the pledge!
  • There is signing of papers, and I don't know what to be done at home.
  • A hangman signing a petition against vivisection. REMORSE.
  • The signing of the world Peace could not await Russia's final avatar.

Definition of Signing

present participle of sign | The act of concluding a contract, especially by an athlete or entertainer with a company. | (by extension) A player signed by a sporting organization.
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