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  • Full of silences alway.
  • There are other admissions in his silences and evasions.
  • Song will break from the silences to comfort and heal you.
  • He silences the voice of his nature, and remains correct.
  • I think these silences were the hardest to bear....
  • I emerged from enormous silences upon Margaret one evening.
  • Many were the abrupt and painful silences which fell between us.
  • There are in life strained silences that we could not break if we would.
  • They will shout hurrah till they are hoarse or a bullet silences them.
  • Coarseness he checks at once, and he silences boys whose voices are breaking.
  • SOME silences ARE heard.
  • After that there were no more uncomfortable silences in the Harte cabin.
  • They spoke slowly, with little pauses, little silences between.
  • The eternal silences were broken; Hell became Heaven as I passed.
  • I find Deschamps' talk heartbreaking enough, but his silences terrify me.

How To Use Silences In A Sentence?

  • And then the long silences with only the light of telltale cigarettes to mark their hiding-places!
  • My cousin by leading questions and interrogative silences developed her story a little.
  • Then came one of those sudden and ominous silences that sometimes occur in a battle.
  • It removes all difficulties; it silences all objections; it puts everything in its right place.
  • We next come to the loud talker, the man who silences a whole party by his sole power of lungs.
  • As I looked, one of the random silences of the front stole swiftly into the air.
  • Every genius, however, must expect to be condemned until Time silences criticism of his work.
  • At present it is not we that silence the Press; it is the Press that silences us.
  • There fell one of the silences that usually came when Mr. Strong lost interest in a subject.
  • They supplemented the silences of home by the conversation of schoolfellows and the suggestions of popular fiction.
  • Being sane he had to be constantly on his guard against falling into adoring silences or breaking out into wild speeches.
  • As the brilliant tropic stars came out in the velvety blackness of the sky occasional silences fell on the party.
  • She listened with straining ears to certain whisperings behind her; to certain silences more pregnant than whispering.
  • His long silences had the easy vigour of oratory, and they served also to make his speech peculiarly impressive.
  • The years and the months go, and somehow make our meetings ingeniously rarer and our intervals and silences more monstrous.
  • They rode with straight back and loose seat, breaking long silences with occasional drawling comment.
  • Their music explains its sympathies and sorrows, its deaths and resurrections, and above all its solemn silences of night and noon.
  • So they talked on, none having anything to say, and yet each dreading the silences that came so easily and hung over them so heavily.
  • Its dim presence obsessed me none the less for all the extravagant decency, the stimulating silences of my upbringing....
  • The explosions of the engine, muffled though they were, seemed like rifle shots to ears newly accustomed to the silences of the night.
  • Mr. Marsh's silences were as abysmal as his speech was Niagara-like on occasion.
  • Here is a Christmas story of the northland, in which cities give way to pine woods, and people to silences and snow.
  • The two young men had shared the same room at Shai-poo, and in the silences of the night shared many confidences also.
  • In the very silences which occurred between the interchanges of conversation was a comradeship and a sympathetic understanding which both the man and the girl would have found it difficult to define.
  • Whether it is dread of ridicule or selfishness or fear that silences them, the fact remains that it is no easy matter to glean any useful facts from them.

Definition of Silences

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of silence | plural of silence
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