Silent In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Silent | Silent Sentence

  • They were silent again.
  • She was silent for some seconds.
  • He was silent for a moment.
  • I was silent while he read.
  • Then they were silent for some time.
  • She was silent for a moment.
  • Philippa was silent for several moments.
  • But dark and silent the land lay beneath the stars.
  • He dared not stay longer in that dark and silent spot.
  • All within was, as usual, silent and deserted.
  • The younger Socrates, who is a silent auditor.
  • But Mrs. Overtheway was silent again.
  • And yet Parmeno Will not be silent even here.
  • He remained silent until Mills and Dumble had disappeared.
  • No "German Band" would invade our silent precincts.
  • Philippa grew more and more silent as the meal drew to a close.
  • He was to be serious and silent amid mountains of feminine under linen.
  • He recalled that her mother used to have the same habit of silent waiting.
  • The silent partner wasted no time in fruitless search of my person.
  • Then he shook with silent laughter, and they knew he was off on another one.
  • We stood about in the ante-room, silent under the vigilant eye of the guard.
  • Gray remained silent for a moment, then he turned his face to Harding.
  • Sir Archibald saw it, and ground his teeth with a kind of silent rage.

How To Use Silent In A Sentence?

  • But he had grown more silent lately, and for the last hour or so had not spoken at all.
  • There was a long pause, during which the old man wept silent but not bitter tears.
  • The red splotch on his shirt gave the answer, and the room was silent as death.
  • Then, after the ropes had been tightened, they stood silent within the circle of their horses.
  • I find, however, that the resolution to be silent leaves me restless and unsatisfied.
  • Tom shook himself out of his overcoat with a silent grin, but Ted was not so considerate.
  • Rosamond Merton was silent for a long minute, and then she suddenly smiled her slow smile.
  • They mingled together; they entered the courts of the Great Spirit, silent and full of awe.
  • Anxious to learn the name of so gifted an individual, he turned towards his hitherto silent neighbour and demanded who he was.
  • It was impossible to believe that, a moment ago, the silent block had been bellowing the name of a freezer.
  • The simple service concluded with another hymn and prayer, and then all dispersed, silent and thoughtful.
  • I think we met four or five times altogether, and always with her nearly silent elder sister on the other side of her.
  • I watched him for awhile, breathlessly, and in silence, but he was far too anxious to keep silent himself.
  • I had heard him described as a very silent man, who was always observing others, but seldom opened his lips.
  • During the watches of the night the aged woman heard the wings of Time sweeping through the silent village.
  • White billows of fog beat upon the mountain tops like a silent sea, and blot out the landscape with an impenetrable veil.
  • He just turned his head to speak, and then went back to his old position, his eyes staring hopelessly across the silent waste.

Definition of Silent

Free from sound or noise; absolutely still; perfectly quiet. | Not speaking; indisposed to talk; speechless; mute; taciturn; not loquacious; not talkative. | Keeping at rest; inactive; calm; undisturbed.
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