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  • Harding gazed silently at him.
  • Mills came silently in.
  • And as silently steal away.
  • I silently pressed her hand.
  • We watched silently for a moment.
  • They commenced silently to dance.
  • How silently serene a sea of pride!
  • And we rode as silently as the bison marched.
  • They stopped in their tracks and silently waited.
  • Archie silently got out his check-book.
  • They wandered on a way silently before the freighter spoke.
  • We looked to our arms; we stood silently beside her.
  • Tom went silently about his preparations for resuming the journey.
  • I'll silently take my way.
  • The boatman paddled silently up to within eight or ten rods of him.
  • Finally, they may silently read the questions and write the answers.
  • Again we trudge silently along the lane, but soon stop to listen.
  • The embarrassed creature courtesied silently and vanished, settling her cap.
  • I asked if I might accompany her, and she silently nodded assent.
  • We then landed, and I crept carefully and silently to that clump of fir trees.

How To Use Silently In A Sentence?

  • As we work silently and in the night, the chances of success are all in our favour.
  • Paquita crossed her hands, and sat silently with face about three quarters averted.
  • Now, in obedience to the warning of my uplifted finger, he crept silently to my side.
  • The man turned and silently shuffled away, his face working and a glint in his bleared eye.
  • Dan Anderson silently watched his partner as he busied himself gearing up his horses.
  • McGinnis let fall his hand from the counter, turned and silently left the place.
  • And, silently rejoicing, sees himself The latest link of this illustrious chain!
  • The good fellow silently pressed my hand, and I saw his honest little eyes sparkle.
  • The doctor nodded, gazing silently at the sand; and the Squire resumed with undiminished relish.
  • Louise and Overland Red gazed silently at the youthful figure crossing the meadow.
  • From the darkest corner of the room he had seen a human figure silently and stealthily creeping toward him.
  • Groping their way forward as silently as possible, they stole upon the slumbering cluster of habitations.
  • An experienced boatman will paddle silently up to within twenty feet of a deer that may be feeding along the shore.
  • At the word, they vanished away toward the woods, and we drifted silently after them in the melancholy gloom.
  • The intention of every man in that little valley to do "about what was right" was silently and fully evidenced.
  • As silently as they could, they moved up the pathway, until they gained the top, and saw before them the outline of the tents.
  • It had been nothing less than getting the schooner under-way, letting her vanish silently in the night from amongst these sleeping ships.
  • Smith and Martin passed silently out into the bay, and moved slowly towards where the deer were feeding.
  • We paddled silently to within a dozen rods of them, when, as they discovered us, they dashed snorting and whistling away.
  • And suddenly Nora found herself back on her stony bench by the spring with the branches of the beech-tree waving silently before her.

Definition of Silently

In a silent manner; making no noise.
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