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  • But the silkworm does not know that.
  • The covering grows thicker and the room for the silkworm grows smaller.
  • Then send to a reliable dealer for a quarter of an ounce of silkworm eggs.
  • As no silkworm would touch a bruised leaf much of the crop was wasted.
  • And the Silkworm Goddess is also known as the girl with the Horse's Head.

How To Use Silkworm In A Sentence?

  • In proportion to its size the silkworm has stronger jaws than any other of the small creatures.
  • He found that something was wanting to make his silk like that the silkworm produced.
  • Different breeds of silkworm turn out, as you know, different qualities of thread.
  • This Rain-god also assumes the form of a silkworm chrysalis in another account.
  • Let us tell Mother to take the silkworm eggs out of the dark room and put them where it is light.
  • On a plain rush hurdle a silkworm lay When a proud young princess came that way.
  • This depends not alone on the species of silkworm raised, but also on the care that has been given it.
  • This is what the silkworm will do if it is left alone; but it is the business of the silk-raiser to see that it is not left alone.
  • Mother and daughter listened, therefore, with devout admiration to all that he told them about his silkworm nurseries.
  • The silkworm may have seemed greedy, but he did not eat one leaf too much for the task that lies before him.
  • But a silkworm does all its growing in a very short space of time, and in proportion to its size grows faster than almost any other living thing.
  • It was a good lesson to him; but it was a sad one, for the next spring he had to buy silkworm eggs, and they cost him many francs.
  • Wet mulberry leaves must not be given them, or they will become sick and die, and there will be an end of the silkworm business from that quarter-ounce of eggs.
  • In the silkworm moth there have been described four types of larvae, distinguished by different color markings, that form a system of quadruple allelomorphs.
  • And thereupon they built temples to her in her native land, and every year, at the silkworm season, sacrifices are offered to her and her protection is implored.
  • The dress again led them abroad; the cotton hung in pods upon the tree, the silkworm spun its yellow tomb, all the process of manufacture was explained.
  • His fibre silk was as strong, as glossy, and as brilliant as the silkworm silk, and had one advantage over it, that when woven into breadths it did not crease so readily.
  • The important thing is to get the gum which the silkworm has blended with the silk out of it, and for this purpose we use soft water, having found that it loosens the filament better than anything else.

Definition of Silkworm

Any of various caterpillars of moths that produce silk cocoons, especially Bombyx mori, the source of most commercial silk.
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