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  • You wrote me the silliest letter about it.
  • But that would be the silliest thing I could do.
  • She appealed to Tootles, quite the silliest one.
  • Isn't he the silliest thing?
  • The silliest were those you could know only by belonging to a club.
  • We human creatures are the silliest on earth, most certainly.
  • The silliest boast is of the short time a writer has spent upon his work.
  • I think you're the silliest girl I know.
  • Now, isn't that the silliest thing you ever heard, Mis' Agin?
  • Chaps as thinks they're drowning is the silliest old idgits there is.

How To Use Silliest In A Sentence?

  • But the simplest maiden or the silliest widow in society, is seldom taken in by him.
  • Her slightest gesture had a fascination for the masculine mind; her silliest words a significance.
  • They both labored like beavers for half an hour and then the boatman did the very silliest thing one can imagine.
  • The theory that he loved judicial murder for its own sake, can only be held by the silliest of royalist or clerical partisans.
  • But not with the most gigantic intellect could we finish the simplest or silliest story, and be certain that we were finishing it right.
  • It is only the weakest, silliest women who cannot lift their work to the level of their thoughts, and so ennoble both.
  • Surely only the phantasms of the very silliest of servant girls, of incurable idiots, and of advanced imbeciles.
  • Sometimes these duels are a result of the silliest arguments, at others they are sought by deliberate insult given by the one who wishes to fight.
  • It was the silliest exhibition; and yet dangerous too, for the cowardly fellow was plainly working himself up to another murder.
  • Even the silliest girl, one would have supposed, must have fled in terror from the ape-like cunning of those wicked faces.
  • Perhaps because our new Evangelical curate has written me almost the worst and silliest letter of this sort that I ever saw.

Definition of Silliest

superlative form of silly: most silly. | comparative degree of silly: most sillily.
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