Silliness In A Sentence

How To Use Silliness In A Sentence?

  • Their silliness and superciliousness were so unbounded as to be disgusting to all sensible men.
  • Perhaps this silliness will make some think her not more an example of the savagery of contemporary criticism than a justification thereof.
  • Frivolity so extreme as they were required to represent demands the utmost nicety of colouring to rescue it from silliness and inanity.
  • Moreover, the silliness of the practice, if no other reason, should prevent its use by every man of good sense.
  • He was over me and about my feebleness and silliness and forgetfulness as the sky and sea would be about a child drowning in mid-Atlantic.
  • He was well punished for his silliness by being made very unwell, and by being, moreover, shut up in his room for some days.
  • It is said, however, that he affected the simplicity, and even silliness of manner, which procured him that appellation.
  • It issued a list of three hundred words, of average silliness as to spelling, and proposed new and sane spellings for these words.
  • Reserve becomes silliness when we know that our affection is returned by the woman we love, but as yet I was not quite sure.
  • I reckon I could have written essays on the futility of sentiment, and the damned silliness of a man who thinks he cares for a woman.
  • He felt disgusted at the meanness of the faces, the silliness of the talk, and the idiotic self-satisfaction that oozed through these sweating foreheads.
  • When I looked at the deep snow, and only a narrow path cleared to the club house, I apprehended some silliness on the part of my host.
  • He even marvelled at the silliness of the men who had burdened him with such responsibilities, simply because of his pull, and he told Trethaway as much.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Silliness | Silliness Sentence

  • There is no silliness in not knowing what you cannot know.
  • He wanted to talk silliness with the girl.
  • The silliness of a young man will be no bad spectacle.
  • I decided that silliness would carry the day.
  • Jokes of an incredible silliness and shallowness drifted about us.
  • For that one moment he dropped his silliness and spoke with dignity.
  • If I'm weak enough to drift into such silliness I'd better find a safeguard.
  • Josephine laughed with the silliness of a weak woman "caught.
  • Show her the silliness of it, and then let it drop," said Doctor Churchill.

Definition of Silliness

(uncountable) That which is perceived as silly or frivolous. | (countable) An act that is silly; a result of being silly.
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