Similar To In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Similar To | Similar To Sentence

  • Similar to the preceding.
  • Similar to the following.
  • Similar to the preceding.
  • Vase similar to the above.
  • Similar to the last but more yellowish below.
  • Similar to the last but smaller.
  • Very similar to floridanus.
  • They were all similar to the first.
  • That of the first is similar to the above.
  • Celt very similar to the preceding.
  • And how many there are similar to that!
  • Ornament similar to the preceding.
  • Bowls similar to the preceding.
  • The legs are similar to those of the other piece.
  • The supper was similar to the dinner.
  • It is similar to playing chess.
  • Riddles similar to this are current in most languages.
  • Similar to the preceding but darker and browner.
  • Similar to but slightly larger than the last.
  • Similar to the last but with the back grayish.
  • But the writing was amazingly similar to her own.
  • A vase similar to the preceding.
  • All similar to those shown in the figures.
  • Fragment of a stone similar to the preceding.
  • A polishing stone similar to the above.
  • Similar to the last but with less white on the back.
  • Fragments of vessels similar to that last described.
  • Similar to this was a feat performed with a cedar berry.
  • It is somewhat similar to hypochondriasis in men.
  • These calisthenics are similar to that drill in the army.
  • The plan and outfit were very similar to those of 1863.
  • They had tales similar to ours to tell us.
  • The girls were under a rule similar to that of the boys.
  • A shell pin similar to the preceding.
  • The growing working of the imagination is similar to this.

How To Use Similar To In A Sentence?

  • Similar to maritimus, but streaked above.
  • Similar to the northern variety but still larger.
  • Many examples of vases similar to fig.
  • The tenth amendment is similar to the preceding.
  • The design is similar to that used today.
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