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  • Sims had some modesty.
  • Sims was rather jealous.
  • Sims finally asked of the scout.
  • Sims remained on board in charge of the ship.
  • Sims went aloft, and came down with an anxious look.
  • Bud leaned over and spoke to Sims.
  • Sims and Larkin remained outside on guard.
  • Mr. Sims shook his head.
  • Sims and Larkin looked at each other without speaking.
  • Mr. Sims nodded in confirmation of his statement.
  • When he rejoined Sims, the sheep had become calmer.
  • Sims and Dicky Glover stood together.
  • Of these few, Hard-winter Sims was probably the leader.
  • Neither Rawson nor Sims could make him out, they agreed.
  • From: Vice-Admiral Sims.
  • Sims, Mr, on the Oregon question, 415.
  • Sims, Second Vice President.
  • Oh, Santley and Sims Reeves!
  • William Sims, Finance Secretary.
  • Reeves, Sims, Mrs., Vol.
  • Reeves, Sims, Mr., Vol.
  • Sims nodded.
  • Sims whistled.
  • SEE Sims, Dorothy Rice.
  • Sims had set his night watchers, and these were beginning to circle the herd.
  • Mr. Sims nodded.
  • Sims, without changing his position, called out to the herders.
  • It was toward this building that the expedition under Sims took its way.
  • Mr Sims Reeves.
  • From Admiral Sims.
  • This he handed to Sims, who promptly opened it and started to read.
  • Rev. Y.B. Sims, Talladega, Ala.
  • The gambler cast a quick glance at Sims and a longer one at the gray.
  • As fortune would have it, Sims slunk into camp just at the dinner hour.
  • When Sims had read the entire note twice, a puzzled silence ensued.
  • To: Vice-Admiral Sims, U.S.S.
  • SIMS.

How To Use Sims In A Sentence?

  • When he had finished, Sims lay back on his two elbows and regarded his employer.
  • In reply Sims rolled the yellow-stained whites of his eyes slowly toward his interlocutor.
  • It was not, however, till he happened to meet Sims that his suspicions were confirmed.
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