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  • I have found this out since I have grown up.
  • Some hours had now passed since Gray entered the gully.
  • She considers me safe since I could paint that picture.
  • It seems like a week since I heard a human voice.
  • Several years have elapsed since Apafi became a Prince.
  • It was now a long time since they had slept together under the same roof.
  • Even the torture of thirst had grown less since hope had come to him.
  • He had avoided looking at them since Gray had placed them by him.
  • S. had been due at the bedside of a dying official ever since half past nine.
  • It was the first time that Apafi had seen her since his departure.
  • I've planned it all out since I made up my mind.
  • I could not realize, but which I write, having since realized.
  • A year had elapsed since Michael Apafi's return home.
  • Poor Tom was sadly changed since we last met, which was at a ball in Madrid.
  • It is just a quarter of a century since I have seen Uncle Remus.
  • It had been fifty-three years since Tom Nash and I had had that adventure.
  • I've had it every year since it became the fashion, drat it!

How To Use Since In A Sentence?

  • Saddled horses and long rows of carriages had been standing before the castle gates since midday.
  • Gray, since finding the horse, had acted instinctively, almost as an automaton might act.
  • I looked upon him indeed for the first time with trembling, since I had been with him that day.
  • Ever since that painful scene at Bonczhida, Lady Banfi had not met her husband.
  • Well, Emily, since you ask me, I must say that I think she took it very good-humouredly.
  • At that moment it first struck me that since our entrance beneath the shadowy greenness the sun had gone in.
  • Humanity has hardly advanced in fortitude since that time, though it has advanced in many other ways.
  • Of course he could not modulate his voice, since he couldn't hear himself talk.
  • She had said them right once at rehearsal, but had not since been able to reproduce to her satisfaction a certain effect of voice.
  • It was ten hours since he had tasted water, and his lips and throat were becoming baked and painful.
  • Tell me how you've been putting in the time since I ran off so unceremoniously.
  • Then she sat up, and her face showed that the mists were beginning to clear from that doleful future which had haunted her since last night.
  • Humanity, since that time, has advanced in many other ways, but it has hardly advanced in fortitude.
  • This was the weak point in the philosophy of Pelagius, as it has been in the system of thousands who have lived since his time.
  • Ever since her sixteenth year she has stood beneath the influence of her violent, imperious husband, and is now almost as timid as a child.
  • Is he really in earnest, in pleading with sinners to turn from their wickedness, since he might so easily turn them, and yet will not do it?
  • Long since Frank had calculated all the risks and chances of success in his new enterprise and had decided that it could scarcely fail.
  • Her voice even then held promise of what it has since become, as perfectly as does the rose-bud, half open, contain the rose.
  • This disturbed me very seriously, since it promised me bankruptcy, and I was sorry that this detail had been overlooked in the beginning.
  • Judith has been at the Lodge several times since then and she may have been talking with someone who is envious of your Rosamond.
  • I was cravingly hungry by this time, for the first time since I had left my home, and everything here reminded me of eating.
  • EBooks posted since November 2003, with etext numbers OVER #10000, are filed in a different way.
  • And ever since my 'ead 'as been filled with other things, though for a long time I could not make exactly out what.

Definition of Since

From: referring to a period of time ending in the present and defining it by the point in time at which it started, or the period in which its starting point occurred. | From the time that. | Because.
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