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  • She was quite sincere in this.
  • I presume that he was sincere in this.
  • May recognized that her aunt was sincere in this.
  • It leaves nothing sincere or trustworthy about him.
  • She spoke in a sincere and matter-of-fact way.
  • Vienna breathed a long, sincere sigh of relief.
  • Adieu; je vous baise, votre pere sincere comme toujours.
  • I could see he was a sincere man and most enthusiastic about the subject.
  • It was redolent of sincere conviction, of genuine enthusiasm.
  • All wrong-doing is done in the sincere belief that it is the best thing to do.
  • Your sincere friend, BEETHOVEN.
  • Your sincere friend, BEETHOVEN. 468.
  • I am, with sincere esteem, yours, L. V. BEETHOVEN.
  • I am, with sincere esteem, your friend, L. V. BEETHOVEN.

How To Use Sincere In A Sentence?

  • For he maintains that the sinner can obtain forgiveness only by a sincere repentance of his sins.
  • He knew that she was now his friend, and he had conceived a sincere liking for her.
  • Bluntness of manner is no longer excused on the ground that the speaker is sincere and outspoken.
  • There has never been a really great public speaker who was not preeminently a sincere man.
  • Her sincere interest in the ranch work pleased them, and naturally, for it was their work.
  • On the contrary, a composer who wished more devoutly to be sincere never put pen to paper.
  • I trust, however, that my sincere wishes for the accomplishment of this task may be fulfilled.
  • In them he expressed his gentle, sincere love of the young, the suffering, and the sorrowful.
  • She was received with the sincere cordiality that Alice Lancaster always showed her.
  • The late King had a sincere Esteem for her, and she in return paid him very great Respect.
  • He was quite sincere in the feeling that if she were but safe he should be more or less indifferent to the deluge overwhelming himself.
  • His belief in his own powers was evidently so sincere that even a skeptic could not fail to be impressed by him.
  • Emerson says here that this spirit animates all beautiful music and sincere preaching, as it does we do at our noblest.
  • Your remembrance of me, with sentiments of so much kindness, has given me the most sincere satisfaction.
  • To believe without evidence, or in spite of it, is accounted as righteousness to the sincere and humble christian.
  • Emerson feels that it, like every other work that is worth-while, was the result of a sincere heart.
  • Is he really sincere in the use of means for the salvation of all, since he permits so many to hold out in their rebellion and perish?
  • Their alarm was not artificially produced by political agitation; it was sincere and profound, and began to grow angry.
  • The worthy man, who felt the most sincere reverence for the poor mother, made every effort to conceal his alarm.
  • He looked handsome and sincere enough as he leant over and gazed in her face to have beguiled a wiser person than Phrony.
  • Concentration upon the story, and a sincere desire to give pleasure to the hearers, will keep the speaker free from self-consciousness.
  • I decided to call the Colonel at once, and attempt to brazen it out with the help of his sincere belief in the dog.
  • He is a gentleman, a scholar and sincere lover of America, where he found the charming lady who is now his wife.
  • It goes even deeper than that, for in my effort to realise the ideal of my marriage I ceased even to attempt to be sincere with myself.
  • His tone was so sincere and earnest, his face and manner so gentle and fatherly, that May at once felt she could trust him fully and fearlessly.
  • It was the most fiercely, primitively sincere room that I have ever seen, and king or peasant therefore would have felt equally at home in it.

Definition of Sincere

Genuine; meaning what one says or does; heartfelt. | Meant truly or earnestly. | (archaic) clean; pure
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