Singles in a sentence

Definition of Singles

Of or pertaining to unmarried people. | Third-person singular simple present indicative form of single | plural of single

Short Example Sentence for Singles

  • 1. God singles no one out for trial.
  • 2. I am speaking, of course, of the singles game.
  • 3. A couple of singles followed, and then the first "10" went up amid cheers.
  • 4. A couple of singles followed, and then the first "10" went up amid cheers.
  • 5. He singles out his generals, Madalinski and Zajonczek, for praise.
  • 6. I again won the Handicap Singles at Queen's.

How to use Singles in a Sentence?

  • 1. Consider what it is that singles man out from among created beings, and makes of him a creature apart.
  • 2. In many species each male singles out within its territory some prominent position to which it resorts with growing frequency.
  • 3. Is he praying, or cursing, because three singles are scored off his son's first three balls?
  • 4. The tennis tournament was hotly contested in both singles and doubles, but the boat races and tug-of-war were the most exciting events.
  • 5. No balls came his way; for the Eton captain had made up his mind to win this match with singles and twos.
  • 6. Ladder tournaments, both for singles and doubles, solve this problem somewhat and create interest, especially when the final try-outs are on.
  • 7. It must, however, be twisted in the opposite direction from the twist given it when the thread is made into singles or else that twist would come out and do no good.
  • 8. For about an hour run-getting ought to be a tolerably simple process; but after that hour singles would be as valuable as threes and boundaries an almost unheard-of luxury.
  • 9. When the Handicap Singles came out the day after this match I was put to owe 15 in the first class, which pleased me immensely.