Sinking In A Sentence

How To Use Sinking In A Sentence?

  • When he thrust her down she seized his hand in her teeth, sinking them deep into it.
  • Was it indeed a city of stone and wood which shone before us in the level rays of the sinking sun?
  • The other could not speak, but sinking down into a chair, buried his face in his hands.
  • Just as he was sinking into sleep, Bruno caught him by the shoulder and shook him.
  • The wounded man, sinking with shock and internal hemorrhage, uttered a string of oaths.
  • The terrace opposite, sinking in decay, had become a den of thieves, the scum of a city rookery.
  • Then she knelt, and King did the same, his knees sinking deep into another cushion.
  • Mrs. Dormer-Smith took the card and examined it through her eyeglass with a sinking heart.
  • As her head emerged she saw Captain Glass, who could not swim, sinking several yards away.
  • Many a gay wherry glides along; And see, deep sinking in the tide, Pushes the last boat now away.
  • He was conscious for a moment of the weight being lifted from him, and he was sinking into the water as if into a soft couch.
  • In constant fear of sinking all the while, The winds so contrary, such stormy weather! PAR.
  • The fiery stuff did not excite him; it merely had the effect of keeping him from sinking into unconsciousness of his misery.
  • He ascended to the top of a house that was already on fire, and continued working till the building was sinking under him.
  • A shaft of light from the sinking sun struck in through the coloured window behind her, and fell across her face with an indescribable glory.
  • Here a washing raft lay where he had thought of sinking his spoil, or there boats were moored, and everywhere people swarmed.
  • The little boats fairly fly over the water and at last they reach the sinking steamer, and are filled and rowed safely to the island.
  • The moment the excitement of the impending fight passed away, every one was sinking with fatigue, and all his other troubles came back.
  • Unable to get at her, she bottled up the "Koenigsberg" by sinking colliers in the only navigable channel.
  • She peered out, shading her eyes from the level rays of the sinking sun, and starting back at sight of Jenny.
  • It was her intention to follow Max, but when she tried to put on her wrap she found herself unable to do so, sinking back upon the couch.
  • The consolidated fund in this case was $983,000, the sinking fund five per cent., and the interest three per cent.
  • I felt my courage sinking even here, but I pulled myself together, opened the last door with my key and stepped out into the fourth courtyard.
  • I Was considered a ruined man, and of course fair game for every one to pluck at, as every one plunders a sinking ship.
  • The diversion seemed likely to save Terence, who, turning, sped swiftly along the furrows, favoured by sinking twilight.
  • He had taught him his trade, and here, with a sudden sinking in his heart, he remembered that the pupil had easily surpassed the master in dexterity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sinking | Sinking Sentence

  • Save us from sinking down.
  • The boys listened with sinking hearts.
  • In 1857 the sinking fund was to be raised to six per cent.
  • They were just sinking as I came for you.
  • Oh, my Lord, save me from sinking down.
  • How black was his despair when he felt himself sinking again!
  • Within there is only the quick breathing of the sinking man.
  • Would they reach the sinking vessel in time to save any of the victims?
  • But they saw many others struggling and sinking in the waves.
  • Stopping in front of his own house, he regarded it with a sinking heart.
  • He could not look forward to that without a desperate sinking of heart.
  • Jessie moaned, sinking back on the seat and covering her face with her hands.
  • Sheen stopped dead, with a queer, sinking feeling within him.
  • Then I added, sinking into the padded chair before the writing-table.

Definition of Sinking

present participle of sink | The process by which something sinks.
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