Sinuous in a sentence

Definition of Sinuous

Having curves in alternate directions; meandering. | Moving gracefully and in a supple manner. | (figuratively) Morally crooked; shifty.

Short Example Sentence for Sinuous

  • 1. With sinuous sweep or sudden start.
  • 2. To lose themselves within the sinuous maze.
  • 3. In among the sinuous dunes he might escape.
  • 4. The horn tubules of the frog are sinuous in their course.
  • 5. It was as if sinuous fingers of steel were burying themselves in his flesh.
  • 6. While he did so, he noticed a sinuous line running to meet him.
  • 7. The pores are firm when fully grown; they are sinuous and labyrinthine.
  • 8. The pasture grass on either side of the sinuous path lay shining in the dew.
  • 9. This yellow, sinuous beast with hell-broth slavering from its jaws!

How to use Sinuous in a Sentence?

  • 1. The line has very gradual curves, and in this respect is inferior to the more sinuous monorail.
  • 2. There was something lithe and sinuous about him that may, of course, have appealed to her.
  • 3. The long sinuous coil was slow moving, yet there was an air of haste and of disorder about it.
  • 4. Ralph saw a bristling, sinuous form arise from the floor directly at the bottom of the ladder.
  • 5. A single, sinuous flash of his whole body, and Twinkle-tail was out of the water!
  • 6. Then there was Davy Jones, a fellow who had a sinuous body, and seemed to be a born athlete.
  • 7. He stared dully and uncomprehendingly at the sinuous shape that was slipping noiselessly away through the matted grass.
  • 8. This border supports long spines, which are connected with the underlying corium by sinuous tubuli.
  • 9. The narta goes like a snake, it is so sinuous and adapts itself so perfectly to the irregularities of the road.
  • 10. The name is said to have been derived from the sinuous course of the chain of dancers, and from its resemblance to the motion of a snake.
  • 11. Two of the half-clad demons now landed, their movements as sinuous and silent as a serpent's.
  • 12. Back to the trail, and then along its sinuous windings through the jungle, he strode at his swiftest pace.
  • 13. Ida rose, and came gracefully to meet them with a sinuous movement and a long sweep of her rose-colored draperies.
  • 14. Here the willows grew thick and grey, trailing their sinuous branches down to the ground where they mixed with earth and sand.
  • 15. The great waves wove these sinuous markings up and down, in and out, confusing the eye with changing mazes.
  • 16. As usual in that country, the willows and birches crawled up the sides and just showed their heads above the sinuous crest of a river hollow.
  • 17. With the sinuous avoidings of a baffled snake the road turns and turns upon itself until its earlier promise of high adventuring seems doubtful.
  • 18. Waves of sinuous shadow went over the ripe hayfields, and plundering bees sang a freebooting lilt in wayside gardens.
  • 19. He had never seen a weasel before, but he knew that the sinuous little beast with the eyes of death would be as dangerous almost as the fox.
  • 20. At the top of the gorge a surprise of beauty waited for us as our way led along a sinuous road cut into the swelling mountain-side.
  • 21. Of course, their eyes immediately turned down its sinuous way to the quarter whence the excitable popping sounds still continued to come.
  • 22. The spinal column, with its sinuous windings, is distinctly marked out by carefully adjusted stones, now covered with peat.
  • 23. Like sinuous coils of spaghetti, it looked, and also curiously like vast up-pointed girders of steel and iron.
  • 24. A tiny cone, obliquely truncated, overlooked this rugged line and joined on with its gentle slope to the sinuous crest of the hills.
  • 25. One of the masked men, a lithe, sinuous fellow with a polka-dot bandanna round his neck, took command.
  • 26. She had recovered her composure, and was looking toward the dusty road which wound, a sinuous white ribbon, between the somber firs.
  • 27. Sometimes there was a long sinuous fold, then a number of rippling waves, then a second fold only shorter than the first, then more rippling waves.
  • 28. He followed, seeing as one walking in a dream, the sinuous line of sable limbs and white and blue draperies wind on through deepening shadow.
  • 29. The Indians were some distance from the gully, which led, in a sinuous course, within a few rods of the house.
  • 30. They lounged and swaggered up, and stood at ease, not without rough grace, in a sinuous line, coiled and knotted like a snake.
  • 31. A clear highland stream ran down a sinuous course, rocky, splashing gaily, and then formed a deep, smooth pool, with a little sandy beach.