Sipped in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Sipped

1. I sipped my whisky slowly. 🔊

2. The boy sipped his coffee thoughtfully. 🔊

3. She stirred her tea and sipped it slowly. 🔊

4. He always sipped his tea in this way. 🔊

5. He bent and sipped a mouthful of the clear water. 🔊

6. The old man shifted his crutch and sipped at his liquor. 🔊

7. Idly employed with his cigar, he sipped his coffee. 🔊

8. Winn barely sipped the tea or tasted the savory broth. 🔊

9. We sipped hot posset, and talked of our partners. 🔊

10. Lord Nunneley sipped his wine reflectively. 🔊

11. Orne lifted his glass, sipped the liquor, smacked his lips. 🔊

12. Now he seemed completely relaxed and at ease as he sipped his coffee. 🔊

13. She had glanced in the mirror of love and sipped from the cup of power. 🔊

14. Llwellyn sipped the precious liquid with an air of the most intense enjoyment. 🔊

15. Jerry slowly sipped the drink as these thoughts ran through her mind. 🔊

16. The violinist placed his chair closer to the fire and sipped the drink. 🔊

17. The young woman sipped the wine, gazing into the glass as she did so. 🔊

18. He smoked a cigarette, and occasionally sipped from a tall glass. 🔊

19. He seemed somewhat intoxicated, although he only sipped once, at his wine. 🔊

How to use Sipped in Sentences?

1. She kept them on him as from time to time she lifted her cup and sipped her tea. 🔊

2. She sipped at her wine once more, put it on the table in front of her and pushed it away. 🔊

3. Dolly raised her eyes shyly as she put her lips to the enormous tankard and sipped a health. 🔊

4. They beckoned, waving the straws through which they sipped their drinks from tall glasses. 🔊