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How To Use Sire In A Sentence?

  • Who in his splendor, might, and worth, Surpassed the sire who gave him birth.
  • How much honor the sire of many sons had in Rome and Palestine is familiar to all readers.
  • Voici le bon de vingt mille livres promis pour la capture du sire de Pardaillan.
  • And vassal lean-tos gathered thickly round, Patched on, as sire or son had felt the need.
  • Ill would my sire merit his title of 'The Good' if he died in the utterance of a lie.
  • Helas, Sire vous rengregez la douleur de ma plaie, en me le faisant si franchement exposer.
  • Though the king chain me, I will not cower, Though my sire banish me over the sea.
  • The court's accustom'd love and service done, To his glad sire returns the welcome son.
  • Did I not tell you that the Sire de Jarnonville had promised to be a father to it?
  • Old useless furnitures, yet stand ye here, Because my sire ye served, now dead and gone.
  • The grooms in the yard were not more sorry than she herself that the last colt from a famous sire should be a filly with an imperfect ankle-joint.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sire | Sire Sentence

  • Both of my sire and me.
  • And please your sire who orders you.
  • Comme notre sire roi.
  • His sire issued a proclamation granting the boon.
  • Poor gude sire Charles!
  • Aid of my sire can I crave?
  • His longing to congratulate His sire on being sixty.
  • The sire of many warlike kings of Leire!
  • As to the sire I bore his lisping child.
  • A sire have we, No women uncontrolled and free.
  • Sa lettre au sire de Grignan (juin 1401).
  • Sa lettre au sire de Grignan (juin 1401).
  • The Sire de Bausart paid cruelly for the others.
  • But, O Jove, sire all-perfect!
  • The Sire de Jarnonville offered Ambroisine his hand.
  • And that is because her sire and her mother before her were well seen to.
  • No sire his son's untimely fate.
  • No one can affirm that he has a first-class sire till he has been tested.
  • Paul departed bag and baggage, and his sire swore to the empty air.
  • Happy the son whom thus we see Father of his own sire to be.
  • To him no mortal shall be known Except his holy sire alone.
  • How little either sire or son Of such renown deserves the meed!
  • That she so early should a sire divine Always so open, always so benign.
  • Then, lest the sire should find them there, Sped by wild paths away.
  • Beneath its edge shall the old Jotun fall: thy sire is death-doomed.
  • And God be with the happy hours That died before their sire lay dead!
  • JOINVILLE (le sire de).
  • Vindkald I am called, Varkald was my father named, his sire was Fiolkald.
  • Scaife's sire and grandsire were earning their bread before they were sixteen.

Definition of Sire

(transitive, of a male) to procreate; to father, beget, impregnate. | A lord, master, or other person in authority, most commonly used vocatively: formerly in speaking to elders and superiors, later only when addressing a sovereign. | A male animal; a stud, especially a horse or dog, that has fathered another.
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