Sitting Up In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sitting Up | Sitting Up Sentence

  • What are you sitting up for?
  • Been sitting up for me?
  • Could she be sitting up for him?
  • He was sitting up now.
  • Horsham was sitting up in his.
  • Alfred sitting up for me.
  • Cheyenne was sitting up.
  • I was sitting up for you.
  • Her father was sitting up.
  • I was sitting up here quiet.
  • Marjorie was now sitting up on the bed.
  • I asked her why she was sitting up.
  • Dorsey was sitting up when he returned.
  • Sitting up until to-morrow.
  • Nesta was sitting up in bed.
  • Would they be sitting up for him at home?
  • Look at these two sitting up!
  • Jenny was sitting up and bending over him.
  • She is already sitting up.
  • He was sitting up but did not meet her eyes.
  • Murkard was awake and was sitting up on the bed.
  • Unbuckling the straps and sitting up was an effort.
  • Alan was already sitting up and smiling to himself.
  • He guessed she had been sitting up all night.
  • In half a minute he was sitting up.
  • Sitting up late began to be difficult now.
  • He was sitting up to await my return.
  • All the other men were sitting up and looking on.
  • It was better than sitting up in bed.
  • The occupant was sitting up dressed.
  • Another was sent on as a sitting-up case.
  • Wallie was sitting up with a dazed look in his face.
  • He had stopped eating and was sitting up very straight.
  • He was sitting up, and conversing.
  • In the end he slept sitting up in the saddle.

How To Use Sitting Up In A Sentence?

  • Fred announced, sitting up.
  • Why do you tire your eyes by sitting up late?
  • She was sitting up in bed with a letter in her hand.
  • Tommy demanded, sitting up.
  • Perhaps we had better take him on a chair sitting up.

Definition of Sitting Up

present participle of sit up
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