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  • So situated she cannot do washing.
  • This is situated at Farnborough.
  • This one, the one of the title, was situated in Spain.
  • The castle is situated on a lofty plateau in the midst of the large woods.
  • It is situated on the east bank of the Miami on a most commanding position.
  • It was situated in a gloomy gorge of those mountains away south of Vesuvius.
  • Snorri thought that Stamford was situated nearer York than it really is.
  • Such a case occurred with a box situated on the summit of the Mendip Hills.

How To Use Situated In A Sentence?

  • In this chief college is situated the pontifical and royal university of letters.
  • This giant was the lord of an enchanted castle situated in the midst of a lonesome wood.
  • There is a very fine monastery there, situated up a valley five miles from where we camped.
  • At the town where I was situated there were perpetual altercations of the kind.
  • Cushendall is very prettily situated on the eastern coast of the county Antrim.
  • How the islands of Cabo Verde were to be situated and located in their proper place.
  • Onteora was situated high up in the Catskill Mountains, in the centre of a far-reaching solitude.
  • The main shops of the company, as I have just said, were then situated in Rome.
  • They are situated on a level plain 100 feet above the level of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.
  • Indeed, as far as society was concerned Cliff Farm might have been situated at the Antipodes.
  • It is situated on the River Tweed, a short distance from Melrose, and was founded in 1811.
  • The head office is centrally situated both for the receipt and despatch of the letter correspondence.
  • Their old territory was situated in the heart of the country of their conquerors and to this they could not return with safety.
  • It is situated at the base of a lofty barren cliff of a yellowish cast, and has been partially restored.
  • If this form is employed, care should be exercised in order that the painted work be in all cases so situated that it cannot be rubbed.
  • It would therefore be better if the stable referred to under the heading of "fortification" and situated outside the fort be used.
  • The seventeen degrees eastward shall be drawn from the point where Maluquo is situated in said charts.
  • I'm fond enough of the child, but she is a considerable embarrassment to a man situated as I am.
  • The castle was situated in the midst of a small island surrounded by a moat thirty feet deep and twenty feet wide, over which lay a drawbridge.
  • It is situated in the valley of the Litany, at an elevation of two thousand eight hundred and forty feet above the sea.
  • The portion occupied by the Latins and Greeks is very beautifully situated on the side of the mountain.
  • The fortress Hammenhiel is very well situated for the protection of the harbour and the river of Kaits.
  • Off the north-west coast of that kingdom are situated the islands of Inniskea, containing a population of about 400 human beings.
  • Upon his estate at Kreisau he built a little mausoleum, situated on a beautiful eminence, embowered in foliage.
  • It was the only English post on Ontario, situated as it was towards the southwest corner of the lake.
  • The differences in the properties of lines whose wires are differently situated with reference to each other and surrounding things are interesting and important.
  • Brant and some of the redskins accompanied the lieutenant-governor as far as the Thames river, where was situated the village of the Delawares.
  • The town is beautifully situated on the borders of the Henares River, two thousand feet above the level of the sea.
  • Consequently we assert that they lie and are situated a distance of one hundred and fifty degrees west of the divisional line, as we have shown in these discussions.
  • These homes, capable of accommodating two thousand and fifty orphans, are beautifully situated on Ashley Downs.
  • The town of Ladoga; it was situated at that time on the river Volkhov which debouches into the lake of Ladoga.
  • They number about two hundred families; while there are about two hundred and fifty more families in another and interior village situated on the headwaters of the same river.

Definition of Situated

Located in a specific place. | Supplied with money or means. | simple past tense and past participle of situate
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