Sixteenth In A Sentence

How To Use Sixteenth In A Sentence?

  • They will by no means allow that they started into being only in the sixteenth century.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sixteenth | Sixteenth Sentence

  • August sixteenth approached.
  • The sixteenth century!
  • For a sixteenth of a second she hesitated.
  • It is as old as the sixteenth century.
  • They died just as she reached her sixteenth year.
  • The air of the sixteenth century had saved me!
  • Upon the sixteenth article they had also debate.
  • Mike related the story for the sixteenth time.
  • The platform adopted on the sixteenth inst.
  • Born probably at beginning of sixteenth century.
  • It was but the sixteenth part of an original sub-division.
  • My drive from the sixteenth tee was a simple beauty.
  • Sloane 2497, of the sixteenth century.
  • The approach to the sixteenth green is undeniably sporting.
  • A deeply interesting relic of the sixteenth century.
  • In the sixteenth century that sort of thing was unusual.
  • The north wall contains a sixteenth century window.
  • He could speak in deadly earnest of that sixteenth goat.
  • Fifteenth and sixteenth weeks, no intentional seizing.
  • That was on the sixteenth day of January.
  • The sixteenth piece of plat was American.
  • One hundred and sixteenth day, laughs at his image (198).
  • Bread used in England in the sixteenth century, 47.
  • On the sixteenth he joined Lee at Antietam.
  • The court of Louis the Sixteenth needs no jester.
  • A Tale of the Sixteenth Century.
  • The sixteenth day, their died Thomas Gower Gentleman.
  • The Sixteenth General Council, held at Constance in 1414.
  • From the Latin of Marc Antony Flaminius, sixteenth century.
  • But by the beginning of the sixteenth century all this had changed.
  • The coloured glass of the windows is of the sixteenth century.
  • There is a frescoed ceiling belonging to the sixteenth century.
  • Laws relating to witchcraft in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
  • It peculiarly characterized the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
  • The movement of the sixteenth century has there made its effort.
  • In the sixteenth century the progress of the art was in the same direction.
  • Very rich funeral palls were in vogue in the sixteenth century.
  • Hitchin was noted during the sixteenth century for its trade in wood and malt.
  • It was on my sixteenth birthday that my aunt received a letter from my father.

Definition of Sixteenth

The ordinal form of the number sixteen. | One of sixteen equal parts of a whole.
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