Sixth In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sixth | Sixth Sentence

  • Today, the sixth of the above month.
  • Over sixth column, lower division.
  • Over sixth column, middle division.
  • Over sixth column, middle division, Plate 72.
  • Over sixth column, middle division, Plate 71.
  • Over sixth column, lower division, Plate 72.
  • Over sixth column, lower division, Plate 71.
  • And the sixth band was called Ah-pel-ee Gum.
  • TN-8 338 Sixth column should read Sixth column.
  • Auburn, Sixth St. C., 5.
  • He is entitled to a sixth share of the gross revenue of the country.
  • The sixth began in the same manner, acknowledging a like sum of money.
  • What then are we to say of the Stoic coloring of the sixth book?
  • What the sixth and secret grace which Philip required was is unknown.
  • Mrs. Cregan did not reply, and they came to Sixth Avenue without more words.

How To Use Sixth In A Sentence?

  • On the sixth of March two small islands are sighted, and they see many small sails.
  • He told me, after either the sixth or seventh glass, I forget which, that he was looking for you.
  • Barcelona, the sixth day of the month of April, one thousand, five hundred and nineteen.
  • At a village in Faraidan there is an ancient New Testament, reputed to be of the sixth century.
  • The Yotsuya Kwaidan had just been determined on for the close of the sixth month (July).
  • Then, on the river Bistritz, on the sixth of July, came the great battle of Sadowa.
  • It is apparent that the figures in the fifth column of 71 are exactly double those in the sixth column.
  • The fourth day after birth a name is given to the infant, and on the sixth an entertainment to friends.
  • The headmaster disliked unpleasantness between school and town, much more so between the sixth form of the school and the town.
  • Who can explain the sixth sense that warns a night-herder of a stampede a moment before the herd jumps off the bed-ground?
  • By the sixth article of the treaty of 1871, three new rules were made for the government of neutral nations.
  • Arthur succeeded his father Uther, and was raised to the pendragonship in the first quarter of the sixth century.
  • It was the sixth of January when they reached the land, and with great difficulty drew their boat to the beach.
  • A sixth boy staid in the office until he was earning ten dollars a week, lived on eight, and saved two.
  • Two small stone pent-houses, of which the purpose is uncertain, are built up against the windows of the fourth and sixth bays of the eastern alley.
  • The sixth point was doubtful, and yet we at last agreed that he was a purger of souls, who cleared away notions obstructive to knowledge.
  • The introduction of Christianity, and final extirpation of idolatry, is said to have occurred in the sixth century.
  • The horrors of the fifth and sixth of October were less detestable than the festival of the fourteenth of July.
  • The manner of consulting her is fully described by the Latin poet Virgil in the sixth book of the ├ćneid.
  • It is yellowish, about a sixth of an inch in length, is very agile in its movements, and would easily be mistaken for a very young Lithobius.
  • In the sixth article the contracting parties promised to invite every state with which they were on terms of friendly intercourse to accede to this convention.
  • In the sixth place, it is our duty to be grateful for good done to us, and in so deciding, we exercise a virtue strongly inculcated by the Koran.
  • The sixth favour," said he, "is great and secret, and I reserve the asking of it for a suitable time and place.
  • The sending of five impulses to line moves all of the sectors to the sixth notch, and this corresponds to the position necessary to make the fourth station operative.

Definition of Sixth

The ordinal form of the number six. | to divide by six, which also means multiplying a denominator by six | (not used in the plural) The person or thing in the sixth position.

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