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How To Use Skate In A Sentence?

  • Whole shoals of the passive skate arose to the surface and flopped warningly about our vessel.
  • Charlie could skate fairly well, but that was when he was watching where he was going.
  • Water is good to paddle in and swim in, and to skate on when it grows hard in winter.
  • Her theme maybe will tell how she learned to skate by pushing a chair ahead of her on the ice.
  • Electric organ of skate seems to have touched up Government; confusion at Carlton to-day.
  • He therefore restrained himself, and in person drew the refuse-pail from under the stall and dropped the skate into it.
  • One of them had caught her skate in a crack, and we were so intent on our conversation that we bumped into them, and all tumbled in a heap.
  • She could skate across the froth of hell, but just the same she can't buck this current.
  • Annie Pore was timid and faltering if she tried to skate alone but did very well if she had a partner.
  • W. caught the top of his skate in a crevice in the ice, and came down rather heavily in a sitting posture.
  • Then by inserting the jaws in the holes and closing the levers, the skate was clamped to the block, just as it would be to a shoe.
  • After a few lurches and tumbles, she found that she could stand alone, and in a short time could skate a little.
  • To skate sixty or seventy miles a day would be nothing, he said, to a practical skater like himself.
  • Sometimes it is to jump a certain distance; sometimes to skate out on thin ice; again, to touch something very hot.
  • The country people skate to market, with milk and vegetables; and every kind of sport is seen on the frozen canals.
  • The rink will be illuminated, and I expect we shall all find it quite a novel experience to skate by torchlight.
  • But for these two to skate together in the semi-darkness without speech, often of necessity brushing shoulders almost, was too absurd to think of.
  • Barely in time; Chester's skate just grazed her fingers, cutting off the tip of her mitten.
  • With a grace that was peculiarly her own in spite of the first unsteadiness, Molly had been able to skate to the Quadrangle.
  • There were a hundred of Dunderbunkers who had passed their Little Go and could skate forward and backward easily.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Skate | Skate Sentence

  • And why is she to throw her skate away?
  • I learnt to skate and to ski.
  • John can skate and draw her on the sled.
  • She nodded, and tried to skate off.
  • They have seen us; so we will skate toward them.
  • Wait until the Channel freezes and then skate over.
  • No people skate so well as the Dutch.
  • She was a Canadian, and could skate well.
  • Then you could skate on Boulevard Place.
  • Let's skate out and look her over.
  • It was not yet midnight, and he could skate for half an hour.
  • Nance, skate down to the village and buy a big roll of cotton batting.
  • We could skate anywhere, right across the fields or along the road.
  • Our skate sails and snow shoes were stored in the attic, ready for use.
  • Can you skate on it at all?" inquired Paul.
  • John and Nat try to skate as fast as the cars go, but they can not.
  • I can skate for an hour without sitting down," said Jane.
  • Now suppose you wish to skate so that the critics will say, "See!
  • When one is young, 'tis very nice To skate on rollers or on ice.
  • For if you get a skate on, you Acquire a rolling gait, 'tis true.

Definition of Skate

(skiing) Pertaining to the technique of skating. | To move along a surface (ice or ground) using skates. | To skateboard
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