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  • We're located on the best ski slopes in the valley.
  • Then a cleat was nailed onto the ski to fit against the heel of the shoe.
  • Not even an expert ski jumper could hope to clear the improved barrier.
  • With a supreme effort Penny drew back one ski and bent her knees.
  • If I lose the ski slopes I shall be compelled to give up the lodge.
  • Allens Park and Grand Lake also have ski clubs and ski courses.

How To Use Ski In A Sentence?

  • No longer flying at an angle as before, he pointed his ski straight down the mountain-side.
  • Penny felt awkward and embarrassed, clomping along behind in her big heavy ski boots.
  • In the morning Penny decided to ski down to the village for a jar of cold cream.
  • Late in the afternoon Penny offered to ski down to Pine Top for the newspapers.
  • The Norwegian ski was made of close-grained wood, 1 inch thick, 3-1/2 inches wide and 6 feet long.
  • Sometimes we would carry our skis with us about two miles up the hill and then ski down criss cross all the way back to the cabin.
  • But long before midnight it came on to snow again, so heavily that they all knew that a fresh ski track would not have lasted an hour.
  • He felt them furiously smite his neck and cheeks, snatch at his hands and try to entangle his feet and ski in drifts.
  • The sudden hideous fancy leaped out upon her that the breaking of a ski now might mean the death of a man, the only man in the world for her.
  • She swerved to avoid a boulder which would have broken her ski had she crashed into it, and rode out a series of long, undulating hollows.
  • The ski stick was a bean pole provided with a wooden block near the lower end, to prevent it from being forced too far through the snow.
  • She heard a splash, knew that the overhang of snow had dropped into the river, knew that one ski was hanging over the brink.
  • The beings stood around my bed in air suits like ski suits, with globes over their heads like upside-down fishbowls.
  • There were ten minutes of driving one ski after the other, then the steep climb of another ridge, the last ridge lying between her and the river.
  • It was still snowing, not too heavily for one to venture out, but steadily enough to obliterate ski tracks entirely in less than an hour.
  • Once more they will be young, go out on ski together, and dine together after, and drink champagne, and look at each other with love in their eyes.
  • What fun to climb the forbidden barbed wire fence and honeycomb Mr. Jasko's field with ski tracks!
  • Then when a fine day comes and you want a long ski ride, you'll know where to come, won't you, Wanda?
  • It was one thing to annoy Peter Jasko by making a few ski tracks in his yard, but quite another to antagonize him in more serious ways.
  • Now we understand that your deal with Mrs. Downey has fallen through, so there's no reason why you shouldn't lease the ski slopes to us.
  • She became more careful of the way, wary of being tricked by the blinding snow that appeared level when there were mounds and hollows that might have broken a ski had she been careless and unlucky.
  • He cast one sorry glance up the hill, and saw there the pieces into which his ski had cracked, as well as the pathway he himself had cleared in the snow as he came tumbling down.
  • He was now so cold, that, dripping as he was, he would not have waded into the lake again to grope around for the other ski if that ski had been solid gold studded with diamonds.

Definition of Ski

(intransitive) to move on skis | (transitive) to travel over (a slope etc.) on skis; to travel on skis at (a place), (especially as a sport) | one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow
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