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  • The skiff progressed rapidly.
  • Another skiff proved to be stanch.
  • The skiff seemed to glide.
  • The skiff was very soon out of sight.
  • The skiff was rocking violently.
  • I turned the skiff decidedly.
  • They followed the skiff along shore.
  • The skiff was well out upon the sea.
  • The clumsy skiff seemed only to crawl.
  • We noticed a skiff or two waiting.
  • A chief crossing the harbour in a skiff was shot.
  • An hour later the little skiff was launched once more.
  • A skiff came paddling along-shore.
  • Her skiff shot alongside the motor boat.
  • A pleonastic compound; a skiff is a boat.
  • About the skiff bright jets of flame cut the fog.
  • The skiff towed us another mile or so to a camping place.
  • As his skiff grated upon the beach, she met him.
  • Middy's gittin' the skiff ready to take ye out.
  • On top of the house, the skiff always rested, bottom up.
  • The skiff reached the shore of the Margaret island.
  • Turning the skiff about, Gregory started for the launch.
  • One of the starters was pulled up and down the line in a skiff to criticise.
  • She stood up in the bow steadying the skiff as he sprang into it.
  • She plunged her oars into the water again and the skiff shot away.
  • A few minutes later the skiff was flying over the rocking waves.
  • It is no fun to pick up a skiff adrift in a heavy sea and gale.
  • Scarcely was he descried on the beach, when the general sent a skiff for him.
  • And it takes more'n say to get a skiff like that one.
  • One morning they had raised a single skiff adrift upon the face of the ocean.
  • The young people's skiff glided gently along.
  • In a moment more, the skiff pushed off and rowed toward the steamer.
  • He was not habituated to space anyway, and the skiff had been bad enough.
  • Having reached shore, we would find a stray skiff and go on.
  • My skiff was destroyed, and my pursuer would not permit me to build a raft.

How To Use Skiff In A Sentence?

  • They started for the shore in a dory just as my skiff was lowered over the side.
  • Hence it is that the skiff build is gradually superseding the once universally popular gig.
  • The men in the skiff then pushed off and turned to go back toward the pilot boat.
  • They forced the skiff out into the current, headed directly for the opposite shore.
  • Then he settled down to his oars once more, and the little skiff shot away out over the bay.

Definition of Skiff

(Can we verify(+) this sense?) (dialectal) distorted; awkward | to navigate in a skiff. | (Can we verify(+) this sense?) (weather, Nova Scotia) a deep blanket of snow covering the ground
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