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  • The care and skill of the workmen.
  • He that has skill should handle the quill.
  • In ten minutes a chance to try my skill occurred.
  • At one time, this skill seems to have declined.
  • Struck by her skill in dancing, he courted her in the larrikin fashion.
  • In the first place, he modestly refused my praise of his skill in gardening.
  • She soon had the arm bound up, showing real skill in her surgery.
  • Such was Cicero's skill in generalship.
  • The bias of Englishmen to practical skill has reacted on the national mind.
  • I meet powerful brutal people to whom I have no skill to reply.

How To Use Skill In A Sentence?

  • We all pride ourselves on our skill in reading the characters of our fellow-creatures.
  • For skill and daring and precision in the handling of an engine he was never excelled.
  • And yet she kept him at a distance with a skill that exasperated him and provoked his admiration.
  • She had always made taste and skill take the place of money there, and in other ways.
  • Hours were long, the skill of the hands was inferior, speeds were low and time was wasted.
  • Its consummate discretion and success exhibit the English skill of combination.
  • With skill and adroitness Pontiac had gathered many tribes into a strong offensive league.
  • I bowled rather straight and fast, and spent endless hours acquiring the skill to bowl Flack out.
  • Could any enthusiasm of poet or skill of painter attain the sublime elevation of such a scene as that?
  • Neither the skill of the general nor the self-sacrifice of a handful of heroes was able to restore the battle.
  • It was the riders' skill and fortitude that made the operation of the line possible.
  • But it cannot be applied carelessly, and right here the skill of the very best painters is brought into play.
  • His front tire had punctured, and it was only by the exercise of all his skill and strength that he had averted a horrible accident.
  • A lack of skill in preparing the wires for putting in the earth caused these early underground lines to be failures.
  • All his skill and strength could not keep the machine from skidding, and he experienced a bone-racking fall.
  • Great skill has evidently been exercised in the forming of this by the cold-drawn process, it presenting neither seams nor welds.
  • They play beautifully when hooked, and it requires a good deal of coolness and skill to land them safely in your boat.
  • Chook jerked the coins upward with the skill of an old gaffer; they flew into the dome, and then dropped spinning.
  • He was still, thanks to his immediate skill in trying to retrieve that error, a very good friend indeed.
  • As soon as the shores are sufficiently peopled to make piracy a losing business, the same skill and courage are ready for the service of trade.
  • Who indeed but the medical missionary would care for such as them and give them of his skill "without money and without price"?
  • You would then have the benefit of their skill and experience, and, in case of success, the army would get a share of the credit.
  • The skill with which he rounded up and drove the girls across the hall, paternal and irresistible, venerable and reassuring, was a sight to see.
  • Marvellous skill in hunting, fishing, boat-building, and navigation in tornado-swept waters, remains to him.
  • The silver bit in its mouth snapped in two, and it was only his extraordinary skill and dexterity which saved the Prince from flying headlong.
  • Bodlevski, with his obstinate, persistent, and concentrated character, reached the highest skill in card-sharping and the allied wiles.
  • Once having gained a reputation for skill in handling barbaric potentates, he knew how to make the most of it, both abroad and in Whitehall.
  • The English cotton spinners have attained such a degree of skill and intelligence that, for the most part, no supervision is necessary.
  • His skill and power are confined to so selecting and arranging the incidents as to provide his psychological data with the freest possible development.
  • In all his aerial battles he had never been wounded, passing unscathed through the most formidable encounters by reason of his unparalleled skill at maneuvering.

Definition of Skill

(Britain, slang) Great, excellent. [1980s–1990s] | (transitive) To set apart; separate. | (transitive, chiefly dialectal) To discern; have knowledge or understanding; to know how (to).
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