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  • The skillet was on the fire.
  • Bring over that skillet of eggs and corned beef.
  • Constance abandoned the skillet and returned to the blanket roll.
  • Steep it in a skillet er wa'm water.
  • Melt a pound of butter by putting it into a skillet on hot coals.
  • Twould be like jumpin' out of the skillet onto the coals.
  • Harry abandoned his skillet for a moment, and brought the plates.
  • Jarvis took a small flat skillet from the boat and fried the corn cakes.
  • In a skillet melt and heat 1/2 of a cupful of lard or bacon fat.
  • Meanwhile Cheyenne manipulated the coffee-pot and skillet most effectively.
  • The Browns kept a skillet and big coffee pot to use only on such occasions.
  • In the middle the fire burned and beside it stood Leff, a skillet in his hand.

How To Use Skillet In A Sentence?

  • Put two heaping tablespoonfuls of butter in a skillet and when hot put in the cutlet.
  • Put them into an iron skillet that is lined with porcelain, and add salt to your taste.
  • At present, he and his wife patiently ate from skillet and pot, until the table should be made.
  • Remove from skillet and cook in the skillet for a few minutes a chopped onion and a bunch of parsley.
  • If you had a skillet hot on the coals and threw in a handful of grunion you could never have a finer dish.
  • You can treat a pound of nuts at a time in a heavy iron skillet on top of the stove stirring constantly.
  • And he was throwin' things into the skillet and callin' to the girl who was washin' dishes.
  • Now chop two ounces of salt pork or fat bacon very fine and place in a skillet and cook until nicely browned.
  • Heat a large skillet very hot, grease with a bit of fat from the meat and quickly sear and brown the meat on all sides.
  • Put the yellow peel of a lemon into a skillet with a pint of water, and let it boil till reduced to one half.
  • Set the skillet on hot coals, and allow the oysters to simmer till they are heated all through, but not till they boil.
  • It should be put into a skillet or spider, which must be well buttered inside, and set over hot coals to warm and brown.
  • Place the bacon and one and one-half cups of crab meat and two tablespoons of grated onion in a hot skillet and cook until nicely browned.
  • Put twelve ounces of the best double-refined loaf-sugar (powdered fine and sifted) into a skillet lined with porcelain.
  • Have ready a skillet of boiling lard; put the dough-nuts into it, and fry them brown; and when cool grate loaf-sugar over them.
  • Put into a porcelain skillet the yellow rind of one orange, pared very thin; pour the mixture upon it, and set it over a slow fire.
  • Jarvis was just pouring coffee from a tin pot into a tin cup, and Ike was turning over some strips of bacon in an iron skillet on an iron stove.
  • The skillet was duly set upon the stove, and Ben Zoof was prepared to wait awhile for the water to boil.
  • The food they eat has been in their haversacks for many a weary mile, and is cooked in the little skillet and pot which have also been a part of their burden.
  • Goodyear discovered how to vulcanize rubber by forgetting, until it became red hot, a skillet containing a compound which he had before considered worthless.

Definition of Skillet

To cook in a skillet. | (US) A pan for frying, generally large and heavy. | (US, sometimes attributive) A dish or meal cooked in such a pan.
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