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  • He didn't even have the special skills or physique that were needed.

How To Use Skills In A Sentence?

  • None of them had any skills to contribute, but they brought plenty of enthusiasm.
  • Knowledge was lost and some distorted by failing memories, old skills were gone.
  • Building this shelter requires some basic woodworking skills and about $150-$200 for materials.
  • During this exercise I would take the opportunity to improve my skills at handling the snakes.
  • She didn't seem to think, however, that Sylvie's mechanical skills were ladylike accomplishments.
  • New China must be a blending, from use, from habit, from new skills imposed upon old.
  • Users of programs would be locked in, unable to shift their documents, data, or acquired skills to a competing program.
  • Suppose he 'remembers' skills from his ancestors, and can build dangerous new devices, or make old ones work again?

Definition of Skills

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of skill | plural of skill
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