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  • Take off the skin from a bologna sausage.
  • On the floor were black skin rugs.
  • Your skin still itching for a row?
  • Because he wore no hat his skin was tanned.
  • His protective skin pigmentation was excellent.
  • We took his saddle and skin and passed on.
  • Many would have liked his skin or skeleton.
  • His headgear consists of a round skin cap.
  • Her skin had the soft whiteness of a rose petal.
  • From the limbs of many the skin peels with a touch.
  • She had white skin and strong white teeth.
  • The sweat stood out on their skin in myriads of globules.
  • Drain carefully, then remove the skin and bone.
  • The monks also placed at our disposal several skin boats.
  • Boil a fresh beef tongue, fifteen minutes, skin it.
  • It was difficult to realize that the skin of this man had once been fair.
  • Her skin was as fresh as a baby's.
  • In summer, which is also very cold, they live in skin tents.
  • Untroubled by apprehensions, I stripped to the skin and began my practice.
  • The skin was off Willie Smee's knuckles.

How To Use Skin In A Sentence?

  • His fresh clear skin was made fresher by the blueness of his eyes and the blackness of his hair.
  • Byrne rose, filled a tin goblet with wine out of a skin hanging on the wall, and sat down again.
  • Take equal parts of cold fish (free from skin and bone) boiled rice and some hard boiled eggs.
  • There isn't a neighbour in Bromstead won't be able to skin you at suchlike games.
  • The heat grew more intense every moment, and Bert felt the skin on his face blistering.
  • Oh, sir,' replied the old man, sorrowfully, 'that is the skin of my poor donkey.
  • Beneath this frozen stone; But, since to frightful death a prize, Reduced to skin and bone.
  • You and McKinney ought to skin Doc and the Learned Counsel easy if you had a bit of savvy.
  • Next to our summer squash it is the feeblest imitation that ever masqueraded in a skin and called itself a vegetable.
  • Grief felt the sting and sear of a bullet across the skin of his shoulder, and knew that his own shot had missed.
  • Her thick brown hair was gathered into a low knot and her fine white skin had a touch of artificial color.
  • Drain and rub off the inner skin and cook until tender in good stock, drain and rub them through a fine sieve.
  • They wrapped her in Lloyd's blanket after touching her skin and finding that it was ice-cold.
  • The cropped hair on his round head was sandy, his skin a sun-blistered red, and his lips had deep cracks in them.
  • Clean the fish, split it open and tack it to the plank with four good-sized tacks, skin side to the board.
  • A wolf put on the skin of a sheep, and getting in among the flock by means of this disguise, killed many of the sheep.
  • Her delicate but firm breasts rose and fell with each breath that she took, and the fair skin on her arms and legs were dotted with goose-bumps.
  • Around his waist was buckled a cheap trade-belt, and between the imitation leather and the naked skin was thrust the naked blade of a long knife.
  • His profile as he passed into his pew showed him young, his skin slightly bronzed, his features good, if a trifle heavy.
  • Let us pray to Allah that your skin is as thick as your vanity is great; for my slaves have stout arms and heavy whips.

Definition of Skin

(transitive) To injure the skin of. | (transitive) To remove the skin and/or fur of an animal or a human. | (colloquial) To high five.
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