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  • The fellow probably skipped out.
  • Little lambs skipped on the hillsides each spring.
  • Mollie skipped about to run toward the house.
  • The Colonel skipped about in the wildest excitement.
  • Miss Arnold skipped about, and seemed quite in ecstasies.
  • He skipped to the door and showed me the whole tragic mystery.
  • Valles saved us, but after that most of the fellows skipped out.
  • Carmencita's feet skipped in spite of the clogging snow.
  • He skipped up and down the deck, and took an interest in everything.
  • She skipped up to her mamma, and chirped out: "See, mamma, dear!

How To Use Skipped In A Sentence?

  • And as a cheer broke out from the crowd he too skipped down instantly out of sight.
  • He quickly skipped through the opening part that covered the sailing preparations and trip out.
  • Parlay skipped with astonishing nimbleness across the crowded room to the barometer on the wall.
  • Things skipped through the air around the lurching vehicle: flitting and darting things.
  • He skipped and sang and was happy as could be, and never once thought to watch up in the sky.
  • They hopped and skipped about, joking and laughing, as they made ready for the meeting.
  • The girls skipped lightly away, and Matty fidgeted and tossed in her small hot bed.
  • Mr. Hamilton stood up, dropped the robe from his lap and skipped nimbly across the cabin.
  • When I left you I skipped along through the edge of the woods and came to the plain.
  • It was Cambridge, Kirkland Street, but the number, she did declare, had skipped her mind.
  • So down to the alder thicket skipped Peter Rabbit and Johnny Chuck as fast as they could go.
  • One night it skipped about so much that the sentinels heard a noise and reported it to the officer of the guard.
  • Penny implanted a kiss on her father's cheek and skipped joyously from the room.
  • I skipped a gramophone emporium and a baby-linen shop and entered a fishmonger's.
  • To them it is natural and pleasant to think of the hills that skipped and the stars that sang and the trees that gave forth praise.
  • They skipped to us, wild with delight at the prospect of pouring out their hearts to an appreciative audience.
  • He was in great haste, so he kilted up his long black petticoats and hopped and skipped at a good pace.
  • When the lunatic skipped away from him he would walk a few yards in pursuit, stop, and make notes again.
  • It had certainly been irritating to be interrupted in the middle of that rondel for the sake of which she had skipped Sunday breakfast.
  • The man was not injured, however, for he skipped across the tracks and approached the tower-house on a run.
  • It was Ross calling her and she ran out of the door and skipped away over the meadow toward her home.
  • He watched her as she came forward and retired, and went up and down, as she skipped and wriggled, and threw herself into extraordinary attitudes.
  • Instead of this she stabbed him, rather too hard for playfulness, with her scissors, and skipped away laughing with elephantine grace.
  • Moral reflections in books are usually skipped by children, and unless somewhat out of the common, probably by grown-up persons as well.
  • And while he was explaining the man and girl ahead, all in one breath, skipped back to that day-before-yesterday now many years gone.
  • The old gentleman laboured through many pages to explain the reasons which actuated this decision, but Brett skipped all of them.
  • He rushed to him but tripped on the robe that he was wearing over his naked body, and Orren skipped to another familiar part of the transcript.
  • For a line to be recognized in this mode, the eighth hole must be punched; i.e., lines with no eighth hole will be skipped over.
  • I advise them, therefore, if they have skipped any of it, to go back and read it all, and to read it slowly too, and with the utmost attention.
  • This delighted the Dwarf very much, for though he looked so serious, he was full of good humour and skipped about with much agility.

Definition of Skipped

simple past tense and past participle of skip
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